Speaking the Truth About Islam is Not Bigotry

Stop apologizing for your religion. Islam has never been a religion of peace, and it never will be. Accept it. The truth will set you free.Muslim woman wearing a niqab.

On Friday, the Islamic Society of New Castle, Pennsylvania, issued a statement in which they “took exception” to an article published in the New Castle News. The article, “America Not the Place for Muslims,” has since been removed from the news outlet’s website on the grounds of being hateful and bigoted against Islam and its followers.

In the statement, public relations manager John Hamed Jr. discounts claims against Islam, asserting the arguments lack “historical or contextual knowledge” of the Qu’ran. The justification Hamed provides speaks entirely for itself.

Here is the meat of the article, in which Hamed fleshes out his “argument”:

Let’s run through the textbook talking points for Islam Apologists that we see here:

  • Equates Islam to Christianity, which is so fundamentally different, I could write an entire book on that subject alone.
  • Overshadows violence by pointing out that mercy, love, and peace also make an appearance in the Qu’ran.
  • Believes the mere presence of Muslims here before everyone else, along with things having Islamic names, somehow justifies their ideology belonging in America.

Basically, he has no sound refutation. His arguments have no backbone. So, let’s start from the top, shall we?

Enough About Islam! The Bible Contains Violence, Too!

Yes, the Bible contains “many verses of extreme violence.” That is an incontestable fact. I won’t deny it. All of these verses can be found in the Old Testament, however, which isn’t followed as the “law” by Christians. Anyone with a basic understanding of Christianity can tell you this. Christians follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. Certain facets of the Old Testament integrate themselves into the New Testament (e.g. the Ten Commandments). But the teachings of Jesus in the New Testament supersede most of the laws that don’t deal in ethics or morals, like dietary restrictions, ritual washing, sacrifices, etc. Therefore, Christianity itself does not substantiate this violence; it condemns it.

Yes, Christians spread their religion through conquest and expansion. But the very fabric of their religion does not tell them to do this. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for Islam.

Islam built its entire religion on the foundation of violence, by encouraging its followers to be like Allah’s prophet, Muhammad. Curious, don’t you think, that Hamed doesn’t think to mention that there are at least 91 separate occasions in the Qu’ran that call Muslims to do this?

You want historical and contextual knowledge, Hamed? Request granted.

The True Tenet of Islam

In the Qu’ran, you won’t find the five “Pillars of Islam” explicitly mentioned anywhere. The Qu’ran mentions them in passing, sure. But no verse exists that lists Shahada, Salat, Zakat, Sawm, and the Hajj as “pillars” or non-negotiable tenets. The five pillars actually find their roots in a hadith (narration) that tells of an encounter with a “man dressed in extremely white clothes and with very black hair.” This man then asks the Prophet questions about Islam, to which he gives answers that outline the five pillars of the religion. It is upon these five pillars that Islam Apologists lean when they attempt to justify the peacefulness of an inherently violent ideology.

In the “Holy Book of Islam,” Allah tells Muslims to model the life of the man chosen as His Prophet. He tells them this on 91 separate occasions. That is more than it speaks of peace (65 times) and on par with the number of instances it mentions love (93 times). Not to mention there are 109 verses in the Qu’ran commanding Muslims to fight non-believers until Islam dominates the globe. They were not enduring a “relentless onslaught of horrors.” They were the ones committing them.

The Prophet’s life, and the historical evidence we have of the atrocities he perpetrated, directly contradict his words in the aforementioned hadith and paint a pretty clear picture about what Islam truly asks of its followers.

The Life of Muhammad the “Prophet”

Back in September, I wrote about Islam and explained that the 7 million “peaceful” Muslims living in the United States are not true “orthodox” Muslims. They conveniently decide to ignore the very foundation of their religion: mirroring their beloved prophet.

To put this as simply as possible, Muhammad was a narcissistic cult leader who took advantage of the moral plasticity of 5th century Arabs. He was a salesman with a charismatic personality who proclaimed himself the Prophet of Allah, a god only he could hear or see in his “revelations.” Muhammad was, for all intents and purposes, the poster child for hedonism.

In the interest of time, I will refrain from ranting about the history of Muhammad’s life. But here’s a quick snapshot:

  • Initiated violence against the religiously tolerant people of Mecca after mocking their religion for 13 years
  • Conveniently had “revelations” from Allah to justify murder and theft against all who opposed or “persecuted” his religion
  • Forced captives of conquest to convert to Islam under duress, an Islamic tradition that continued throughout history
  • Beheaded captives, raped non-Muslim women, and enslaved children captured in battle
  • Had eleven wives and countless sex slaves over the course of twelve years
  • Instructed his followers to wage war on all other religions and force them to submit to Islam
  • Married the six-year-old daughter of Abu Bakr. The marriage was consummated when she was nine.
  • Engaged in violent jihad on 65 separate occasions during the last decade of his life

Well, then. This is the man Islam wants its followers to emulate. Let me make this as clear as possible for Mr. Hamed and all other Islam Apologists out there.

Islam does not belong here.

It is an ideology built upon the premise of violence. A religion whose followers are taught in the Qu’ran itself to kill nonbelievers and follow the example of a hedonistic cult leader desperate for power and blood. It clashes with everything this country stands for and puts Western civilization at risk. Speaking the truth about Islam is not bigotry. Being critical of Islam is not racist or Islamophobic.

Stop apologizing for your religion. Accept what it has shown itself to be for the past 1400 years. Islam has never been a religion of peace, and it never will be. Accept it. The truth will set you free.

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