Hey, Parents, Let’s Make It Worse!

In many respects, the right and left sides of the political spectrum are one and the same. A totalitarian wanting to force everyone to abide their arbitrary religious standards is, in my opinion, indistinguishable from a totalitarian wanting everyone to abide their nonsense about “hate speech” and using proper pronouns. Though one area where I really see a stark difference is in vanity. The adults of the left seem to be overtly vainglorious and don’t even attempt to hide it. I mean, what sort of parents with small children need to be the toast of the town to the point they’d virtue signal so hard that they’d totally f*ck up a child’s life by forcing their son to become their daughter? This is sh*t we only see from the left, supposedly in the name of “tolerance,” but it’s really all about the vanity of the parents.

They make society increasingly worse with their own vanity.

Enter California: The first state to allow for gender-neutral birth certificates. No, this is not a joke.

Okay, when I first read this, I wigged out and thought that it was about assigning a baby gender-neutral status at birth. Turns out, this is for grown-ass people who, for some reason, want a piece of paper saying that they’re non-binary. Why would they want this? Man, hell if I know. Who the f*ck even looks at their birth certificate? What’s next? You wanna change your mother and father’s names on it? You wanna change your race? But this is where I fear this is heading: Because that third option is available on the birth certificate, some moronic SJW is going to label their baby as gender-neutral and mess that child’s head up. Do you think this isn’t going to happen? Of course it is. So long as that option is available, you just know someone’s going to use it.

Now if your baby has a penis, you can say it doesn’t have a gender. Why penis? Well, no flaming-ass liberal parent in California would ever deny a vagina-having child the chance to be a girl! That’s another thing we always see, without fail, among these flaming liberal parents. In the name of “social justice,” they want to rid the world of males, particularly white males, and sissify their sons by forcing them to become daughters. But not the little girls.

Never the daughters! Girls good, boys yucky!

They want the girls. They want to brainwash their daughters, to the point you have little eight-year-old girls saying that it’s unfair that they can’t join the Boy Scouts. Why not the Girl Scouts? Because of the vanity of the parents in wanting to be the proud parents of the little girl who broke some make-believe “gender barrier” to the Boy Scouts. It’s maddening, their vanity; it really is.

This isn’t an article that’s going to tell you much about the gender-neutral nonsense happening in California right now, that will likely only see little boys suffer under totalitarian, vainglorious, virtue-signaling parents who want to dress a penis-owning male up in skirts and get him on HRT drugs as early as possible. I don’t have the stomach to speak too much about that. This article is more or less asking a simple question: What the f*ck is wrong with you people? Why do you want to make things worse?

If a parent goes and does this, it is literally child abuse! It’s worse than spanking your child. It’s worse than a broke-ass single mother on welfare continuing to have children she knows full well she cannot afford. It’s horrific abuse of a baby. But, these are the people who are so pro-abortion that they’re okay with infanticide, so it makes sense; especially it makes sense considering the amount of vanity of the parents. Their children are fashion accessories and status symbols, not sentient beings with rights deserving of respect.

Kill ’em or queer ’em” should be their motto.

Bandwagons and social pressures are the reasons we’re seeing so many “gender-neutral” people these days, not genetics. It’s not as if these people were hiding for thousands of years. We would have noticed them; you can’t hide that level of autism. People who think androgynous haircuts and not being attracted to a lot of people make them non-binary space-squirrel otherkin; you just can’t hide that sh*t from people. So it’s rather obvious that this is just what’s trendy now, and parents are enabling it.

Seriously, parents, look at your kids in college right now. Okay, even if you believe that we live in a white supremacist nation, capitalism is evil, and white people need to disappear, you still want what’s best for your children, right? So why are you encouraging their decision to take some “studies” course in college? They’re never, ever going to find gainful employment with that sort of education. It doesn’t actually teach you anything. You literally only need to agree with the professor that we live in a white-male patriarchal rape culture to get an A. Nobody flunks out of these classes.

Do you not want your children to have good careers and to be independent? Apparently you don’t. You just want them to be fashionable for your own status.

Or what about the fact that you’re encouraging your children to adopt these things called microaggressions – innocuous words and phrases they hear that send them into level-9000 wig-outs where they have to break down and run away? Do you want your children being thirty-somethings in the world and not being able to handle everyday language in public? Do you want them on benzo anxiety medications their entire lives? Does it make you proud that your children are soft and wholly incapable of living the lives of normal human beings?

Self-segregation: The highest form of equality

What about those safe spaces – the places to which they flee upon hearing regular language spoken in too high a decibel level for their sensitive ears? Do you want full-grown children who can’t ever have families of their own, or good jobs, or real friends, because every time they see or hear something they don’t like they become “triggered” and literally have to hide in an enclosed space until they calm down?

This is the sort of environment we see all over America with college-age kids, or what we’d have called adults as little as a generation ago! Though it is orders of magnitude worse in California. The Golden State is like ground zero for SJW idiocy; it’s the laboratory in which the rats are tested. The rats, in this case, are children. (Again, they’d have been adults last generation, but have been coddled to the point of arrested development and now act like literal toddlers every time they hear or see something they don’t like.)

Just look at the environment you fostered, parents! Milo’s gay ass comes out to speak, and they wig out! They cry, whine, make demands, protest, break stuff, burn stuff, rally together in groups of twenty and assault people. And a point everyone realizes but no one ever touches on enough: It’s not like the Milos of the world are even speaking to these babies! They’ll never hear a word he has to say. He’s speaking to people who want to show up and hear him. The whiny-ass toddlers can stay in the auditorium, their dedicated safe-space, and never have to hear him—or anyone like him—speak. Ever! But, no, you have turned these people into such children, parents, that they literally cannot fathom the idea that someone has the freedom to show up where the don’t want them to show up! They are marching through the streets, holding hostage college campuses, and saying that Constitutional rights do not apply to the people with whom they disagree.

Murica’s #1 gayboi

It’s your fault, parents!

I was an unruly kid. So was every other kid I knew around the neighborhood. We got punished for acting that way. Your new-age, soft-as-cotton liberal 101 parenting methods have never told a kid no, have never punished a kid for bad behavior, and the end result is what we see in California now, for damn near every kid old enough to walk and talk, up through college, and throughout adulthood.

You did this, parents!

And now the door is open to potentially make it much worse. “How would it be worse” you ask? Because they could potentially be starting them in on the super-progressive crap much earlier. Now instead of getting to college before Sam decides he wants to be Susie, you could basically force them to feel this way straight out of the womb. I’m all for the rights of someone to decide what and who they want to be, when they’re old enough to make that decision. When Sam gets to college, I couldn’t care less that he wants to be trendy and popular and so he’s going to pretend to be “trans” when he’s really just a gayboi. Fine with me! Rock out with your femi-cock out. Though when you force that upon children, that’s worse than genital mutilation.

Sure, some may argue that this isn’t what the law’s even about, and I’d argue back that having that third option granted as a “right” will inevitably see parents making their children gender-neutral!

And some may say to that, that it doesn’t rightly matter. You can raise a dog as a cat, but it’s still going to bark instead of meow, regardless of how much catnip you throw at it. True enough, to an extent, but can we gauge properly the level of the dog’s happiness? Is it having a good, happy life? Are your children not entitled to that? If we’re to believe the SJW left, trans and non-binary people have exceedingly high rates of depression and suicide versus the general population. And what’s your plan to solve this? “Hey, let’s not wait for social pressures or the super rare chance of biology to make our child trans! Let’s do it as soon as he’s—because “she” probably won’t be an issue—born!”

Another argument I’ve heard is that parents who do take advantage of this for their own vanity will be helping, as this will “normalize” what it means to be trans and non-binary, thus alleviating a lot of the issues associated with their lives. My sweet lord, man, this is so monumentally stupid I’d half expect it to be a Poe. Okay, let me break this down so you can understand in two simple points. As someone with two degrees in biology, I can speak to this. As someone who majored in gender studies, with a minor in drama or basket-weaving, you’re not the best source.

  1. It only normalizes and removes stigma for kids who are honestly trans, not kids who were forced into being trans! Or pretenders: Transtrenders. You’re treating children like it’s a 50-50 shot or something. No; it’s like three per hundred-thousand, a very, very high estimate, which leads right into two. (Interestingly enough, and proof positive that most “trans” people are straight-up pretenders, 31% of 27,000 people polled in California described themselves as non-binary. Genetically impossible; it’s anti-evolution, but just goes to show that social pressures are wholly responsible for dictating what it is to be “trans” today for the overwhelming majority of people.) 

  2. For real trans people, not those pretenders, it is biology and not something they choose. So while you have Sam playing Susie, that’s going to mess Sam up something awful and cause severe depression and possibly suicide. We’ve seen these results play out in real life already!

This is doing nothing for the children but harming them. All this is is yet another way by which the older liberals in California show their vanity and their need for social acceptance by stomping all over other human beings to achieve their goal.

While these people claim they want “social justice,” I’m not sure what they actually really want at this point. Oppression isn’t real. Nobody’s held back in society. Do real communists care about your gender? I’m at a loss. I’m left believing this is really how old people virtue signal, by using their children for pawns for their own arrogance.

Again, I understand that this Californian law is for adults who, for some strange reason, want to go back and re-write history so that their birth certificate reflects how they currently feel, as if it makes any damn difference whatever. I get that. But you should also understand that having the third option available will mean that some are going to use this third option, and some loopy parents are going to inevitably declare that their child is “gender-neutral,” and they’re going to raise that poor little bastard in a f*cked-up environment.

If you have a good reason why this is a good thing, I implore you to tell me what it is.

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