What Did White Men Do This Time?

So, yeah, another day, another let’s-blame-everything-on-white-men article I’ve seen. I’m a moron for setting my Gmail alerts to notify me about this rubbish. Now I’m forever inundated with whining from people who are living the most comfortable lives in the history of the world. The culprit this time? Affinity Magazine, and their article “Actually… Straight White Men Are the Root of Our Problems.”

Okay, before I go any further on ranting over this nonsense, can we reach some agreement on what these “problems” actually are? Be right back; gonna thoroughly give this nonsense a look-see for rant fodder…

Though, before I do that, do y’all mind if I have a little guessing game as to what they believe their “problems” are? Here are some of the “problems” I expect to see in this article:

  • They have to compete in the workforce

  • Student loans rather than “free” education

  • They have to pay rent

  • They’re angry that stuff costs so much

  • Slavery and other sh*t from hundreds of years ago

  • Women and minorities are tragically oppressed, practically slaves

Okay, now to the article. I’m actually doing this in live time. I saw this alert, decided to rant about it, and I’m writing down this information as I find it. So the first thing I did was look up Affinity Magazine, and it’s a magazine “By teens, for teens,” which leads me to believe that they’ll think white men are literally Hitler and the end of the world. So, like I said, be right back

Holy f*cking sh*t! Just look!

Do you see this? This isn’t even the article about which I was alerted; these are just anti-white hit pieces that are on the site, and there are literally 1,907 of them! I’m not even sure why I got alerted to the one about which I’m going to speak; it was written ten months ago. I guess someone else re-posted it somewhere and it pinged on Google’s results. But speaking of Google’s results – replace “white” with “black” in these articles and you’d find that Google would literally remove the results from its search engine and Affinity Magazine would be considered a terrorist organization thanks to the SPLC.

Just look at these titles! White men are more dangerous than Islamic radicals – according to what studies? I’m sorry, but one white supremacist ran over one communist with a car. That’s the only murder carried about by a maniac white supremacist in years. Running over only one victim is considered a failure with Islamic extremists. Maybe if you want to call something a “study,” using mathematics would bolster your case. Just some whitesplaining; sorry.

And questioning whether or not white men deserve to vote? Oh, boy, the cuck is strong in this one. And look at the three white shooters they found – you can find thirty black ones every single week in Chicago alone, but, no, that’s not important. It’s only wrong when white people do it. I can’t believe what I’m seeing right now. I’m livid! And, trust me, it’s not because some millennial morons are insulting white people. They’re idiots. I couldn’t care less about that; their idiocy can be objectively shown with little to no effort. What’s making me fightin’ mad right now is the fact that it’s only white men about whom you can say this sh*t! White people are so evil, so racist, so prone to murdering and oppressing everyone, that apparently you can live around these monsters and freely insult them, openly and often, and receive zero reprisal.

That’s odd, right? Is it just me? I mean, if you were in Mao’s China and insulted him or his ruling class, could you get away with it? What about insulting Jong-Un in North Korea, or whichever religious freak is in charge currently in Iran? What would the real Hitler have done to you genderqueer ass-hats for insulting the SS under his reign? To a logical person, the fact that you can freely insult white people—and only white people—is proof positive that this sh*t is make-believe and you’re not really oppressed by or in danger from these people. But don’t tell that to the warped mind of a millennial SJW. They’ll pull a Brianna Wu or Suey Park and pretend that they have to flee from sniper fire.

Okay; I’ve been stalling, and I’m not ashamed to admit it. I don’t want to read this piece-of-sh*t article; I really don’t. But I work for a news site! We’re a good news site; Halsey News is great stuff, and Halsey English, the man in charge, is a hell of a good guy. But I get even angrier thinking about how chill and fair the environment is; and it’s because I can imagine articles on Halsey saying “Black Men Are Worse than Terrorists” and how Google would literally not even post the site’s URL in results. It’s maddening. Anyway, let’s read it.

It starts out talking about how MTV news “received backlash for posting a video…titled ‘Hey, white guys’ and how the video aimed to offer white dudes [like the author] some new years (sic) resolutions to be a little less universally awful.” Okay, we can already see what sort of whinging, cuckold piece of horsesh*t this is going to be. Here we have a white male asserting that white males are “universally awful” and how he’s got his Antifa mask (read: mother’s panties) in a wad because some people dared to take issue with MTV suggesting that white men were awful and need to change.

He then asks: “But why all the backlash for this much needed message? Well, apparently some consider it racism and sexism… what?” First issue: Who the f*ck is posting your nonsense? Forget the meaning and intent; your grammar and syntax and spelling are atrocious. Maybe mix in an English course with your gender studies? Just a suggestion. Secondly: It is racist and sexist to single out only white men and to claim they are universally awful! No matter how many lashes you feel you owe yourself for being born wrong, you weren’t! You’re just an individual who happened to be born white, and who happened to have a male allosome. For Pete’s sake, you cuck; grow a pair of balls and stop genuflecting and begging forgiveness for the way you were born!

Oh, it gets better (way, way worse). He writes, “So let’s go ahead and tackle the…elephant in the room. White people cannot experience racism.” Because, apparently, not only are “white men” universally awful, meaning every single white person, from all around the globe, but now “white” isn’t even a race. Okay, as an evolutionary biology major, he’s right here, but for the wrong reasons. We’re Europid Caucasoid persons; “white” is just an adjective colloquially describing us as a race. Still and all, however, we consider it the “white” race, and as a race, yes, we can experience racism! Racism does not mean, has never meant, and never will mean, things which only affect non-white people. It’s about—wait for it—race!

Yeah, it’s the usual cuckold, white-guilt-riddled tripe from here, like the author blatantly saying that white people are incapable of experiencing racism, and he even says that it’s literally ridiculous to claim that white people aren’t the “root of all of your problems.” Okay, this is what I shaved my legs for: To read about which problems he was addressing. So far, he’s just been genuflecting and virtue-signaling, saying how atrocious white people are. Can we get to the part where he identifies these “problems” already?

Okay, here are the problems! He says “First off, racism…is all because of white men. Who initiated a labor system with no pay upon Native[,] Central and South Americans? White men.” Oh, I see you’ve been learning a lot from your African-American Studies course. Your white-male-government-funded student loans are paying off! But, no, actually, first off: Just as many white people were slaves, and the white slaves were actually treated a hell of a lot worse because the slave owners did not have to pay for them. Black slaves were a commodity which required a lot of capital to obtain. White slaves were free, or 5 Sterling tops, and replaceable, so they died a lot more often and suffered far harsher punishments. Yeah, I know, there aren’t any Hollywood movies about white slavery, because we have to live under the shared liberal delusion that blacks were the only people to ever suffer; but it’s just not true. Slavery didn’t have a single thing to do with racism. Jim Crow Laws did; slavery did not. Africans kidnapped their fellow Africans and sold them to slavers. Those slavers were not only white men. Black men kidnapped, held hostage and sold exponentially more black slaves to Arabs, who are decidedly not white men.

Besides, how is racism a problem today? The only examples we ever see of this racism are in the form of invented-from-whole-cloth “microaggressions” on college campuses; e.g. ways by which sissy little punks like you, Mr. Cuckold Author, police thought and language because, for some reason, your feelings cannot handle living in the world.

The next problem? Sexism. Says the author, it is “also the result of white men. Who largely oppressed women, restricting them from becoming full-fledged citizens of our country for so long? White men. Who perpetuates rape culture…white men.”

“Recent” American Oppression

Oh, no. Another male feminist! The only thing worse than a feminist is a male feminist. Sure, let’s dig back a century and pretend that women are still dealing with that now! They are, just not in the west, and not at the hands of white men. Again, your “it’s a whites-only” argument is unequivocally, thoroughly, completely destroyed when you look at who’s actually oppressing women in the world. Do you need this to be multiple choice? I doubt it. You know it’s brown-skinned Muslim men in the Middle East who are oppressing and raping women with impunity today; you just cannot say it lest you’re no longer a good ally. But it’s true nevertheless. It’s not white men doing this in the west; it’s brown men doing this in the east.

The third and final “problem” he mentions: White men screw up our nation’s political system. Now, I’m no mathematician, but ten months ago was right after Donald Trump was elected. Now, follow this logic, if you can. I know it’s going to be difficult. Because a white person won the presidential election, after eight years of having a black president, white people have ruined the nation. So it’s not that a white person won, it’s that the white person he wanted to win didn’t win. Doesn’t that make him part of the problem? He wasn’t rooting for some minority candidate; he was rooting for a white woman to win the presidency. Yeah, it’s hard to follow the logic here.

He also goes on to say that the most corrupt politicians in history have been white people. Two very quick points. 1) Well, as recently as last generation, America was over 80% white. Of course the majority of all politicians would be white! 2) Hey, Charlie Rangel, Maxine Waters, and the list goes on: It won’t be long at all until, by percentage, the Congressional Black Caucus’ members outdo white “corruption” tenfold. It’s just not any subject about which you’ll learn in your “studies” courses in college or see on mainstream media. But it’s nevertheless true. Politicians in general are corrupt as$holes, and the most corrupt ones in the world aren’t white. Kim Jong-Un, Iran dude (WTF is his name?). Whoever is running the child soldiers in Africa today. Those as$holes in Haiti. And on and on it goes. White western corruption pales in comparison to brown and black corruption abroad.

I’ll give the guy credit in one area: He didn’t mention any capitalism-is-evil nonsense, though he did allude to it slightly. Mainly he’s on the intersectional feminism bandwagon of we-have-to-put-minorities-first-because-fairness horsesh*t.

But just to recap before I ragequit writing this, the “problems” about which he speaks are: Slavery, which has been over for more than a century; women not being allowed to vote, which was over a century ago; rape culture, which is as real as Bigfoot and Nessie; and the fact that more white people, in a white-majority nation, have been politicians.

If you can find any “problem” there, any reason that white men are universally awful in the west in 2017, please, don’t hesitate to let me know. I’m at a complete loss.

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