Good Guy Harvey?

Good Guy Harvey?

Young boys pick up the guitar and learn to play primarily in hopes of becoming famous. Why famous? Because famous guys get laid; they get their choice of women. Guys get into big-time careers and work their asses off for big salaries. So they can afford to eat Papa John’s expensive-ass chicken wings every night? No. It’s so they can get laid. Women are historically attracted to men with money and means. Guys learn to write poetry, work on their appearance, learn pick-up lines, adopt humor, and a thousand other things, all so they’re—so we’re—more attractive to women! We’re not birds who grow colorful feathers. Natural selection dictates that we must have influence—yes, influence!—over women in order to sleep with them.

There need to be things about men to which women are attracted, things which make them feel compelled to offer us their resources. Historically speaking, this hasn’t been nice-guy shit like “Oh, you’re so pretty,” rather it’s been shit like “I can get you some money so you can buy nice things!” Prostitution is the world’s oldest profession, and while a lot of women might not want to admit it, it’s also the most-worked job in history. Many of you right now are straight-up hookers! You might not wear nasty-ass fishnets and use lip pencil to hide your cold sores on a street corner, but you’re still only dating boys and men who have money and who have something you want, ranging from being arm candy with a six-pack of abs to having a nice car that you think will get you attention. It’s still prostitution.

And it’s okay; it really is. It’s natural selection! Moreover, it’s economics! Women, generally speaking, desire the men who can provide for them what they most want, and it just so happens that, in the case of Harvey’s hookers, they wanted Hollywood fame.

I know, the feminists are trying to dox me now and are making voodoo dolls in my image, poking them with bobby pins because I’m such a horrible shitlord for understanding evolution and natural selection and that men, generally speaking, do certain things and act certain ways in order to get women to sleep with them. It really is all a big game. At least in the west where we’re no longer forcing people into arranged marriages and women actually aren’t oppressed and can say no, therefore having the freedom to choose their own mates.

So, Mr. Harvey Weinstein, a man who climbed his way up the show-biz ladder. Because he wanted to look at his face on magazines and his name on credits? Probably not; probably not even close. He’s an ugly, fat asshole. Likely is the case he wanted to have influence over women – he wanted to get laid!

I’m just coming right out and saying it: Unless Harvey physically raped a woman/women, I got him as “Hashtag, Good-Guy-Harvey,” honestly.

Look, it’s economics! It’s supply and demand. If every little Midwestern hussy with an eye-full of Hollywood dreams wasn’t willing to blow fat dudes and whore themselves out for fame and to lord over their friends as famous, acting as a supply, there’d be no demand for those whores from fat, greasy, ugly bastards using their influence. Loose women, with morals more befitting whimsy, who were willing to go Linda Lovelace for a bit of attention, but it’s the man’s fault—always the man’s fault—for taking advantage of the situation.

And, yes, I know yet again – “This is victim blaming! These women are victims!” In the event they were raped, I agree with you one-hundred percent. Send his fat ass to the Stony Lonesome; let him shower with Bubba in the pokie. But if what we’re speaking about here is some quid-pro-quo, then I honestly couldn’t give a shit.

“But it’s undo influence. It’s not fair. If these girls ever want to work, they had to give in to his demands!” Okay, stupid point. Sorry, but it is. Maybe you shouldn’t become a prostitute and trade in your integrity for notoriety in show business? Maybe do something else as a career instead of trying to be the 0.1% of known faces in the world. You want to be extraordinary and expect to get there through ordinary measures. Doubtful.

From what I’ve read, Harvey was a habitual harasser and tried to play grab-ass and use his influence on hordes of women. Like the-sultan’s-haram-of-child-brides size crowd of women. And I’ve also heard that some rejected those advances. Okay. Did he rape them? If so, criminal, let’s get his ass in prison. If not, so what? He tried, he failed, life goes on. Do you want to argue that a human being does not have the freedom to use their influence to sleep with someone else? The same people who would make that argument against men would hypocritically call it okay for women to be prostitutes. Legalize it, amirite?

Women own their vaginas, so the argument goes, and thus you cannot tell them that they’re not allowed to sell sex. Okay. Harvey was in the business of buying sexual favors from women. They sold their goods. Maybe it was uncomfortable. Maybe they weren’t planning to do such. But Harvey wanted what he wanted, and women gave it to him because they wanted something else. It’s a fair exchange, if you ask me! Who got hurt in the deal?

So it’s okay for women to be prostitutes, but not okay for men to solicit? F*ck right off!

Sorry, but having your tits hanging out and the promise of vagina is using female influence to get from men what the women want: Money. Harvey used his influence to get what he wanted: Dat booty! What the f*ck is the big deal?

I honestly do understand the argument. I’ve heard it a lot, as I’ve had a lot of personal experience with sexual harassment laws in the USA, having to take seminars and the suchlike. And I do understand the points raised, and don’t necessarily disagree with them all. If a person is in a position of power, the person/persons under them in power feel compelled, coerced, to give in, so it’s basically a form of rape. And for a job at a the bank or at an office, etc, I agree. Those are positions that people are working at a nine-to-five to feed their families. It’s the legitimate workforce. So it’s totally wrong to put someone’s job in jeopardy unless they’re going to have sex with you or offer handies under the desk. I get that. But this is Hollywood about which we’re speaking!

This isn’t a nine-to-five job; this is a total vanity. These are girls who aren’t trying to pay their bills but rather are trying to be rich and famous, plastered on magazines, the subject of papparazzi stalkery on every well-known red carpet on the planet. It’s a land where slutty girls pretend that their private sex tapes were “leaked” and they become the f*cking Kardashians from it! It is total f*cking hubris, not a career. It’s a completely different breed of apple, not an orange, so a different set of rules should apply entirely.

The problem feminists and like-minded assholes are having with this is that it’s a man using influence over women. If we heard that Penny Marshall or somebody was making guys go down and lick the vag-eesh in order to get parts, it’d be laughable. We’d think it was funny and would be saying, “Guys! You dumb-asses! Don’t lick the bush if you don’t want it!” But when it’s a penis in a girl’s mouth—because all girls are innocent victims, always—it’s another deck of cards, 52 jokers.

I’m not given to this bullshit; I’m really not. Unless he physically raped someone, my thoughts on it are simple: You should have f*cking said no!

Don’t blow a donger, with your slutty ass, in order to get famous, and then cry about it two decades later like you’re some victim. You’re not a victim. You’re just another in a long line of prostitutes. You made the conscious decision to trade your body and to perform sexual favors for a higher position, and Harvey used his higher position to influence such favors. That’s simply economics.

Sorry, but this is an area where communism isn’t going to save you. This is free-market capitalism at its finest. And if you don’t want to participate in it, don’t participate.