It’s Not the Guns, You Morons

It's Not the Guns, You Morons

Are more people dying now with guns than without guns? Look, I’ll flatly admit here that it’s a bit scary and that the United States does have a gun culture, to an extent. According to the CDC site I’m literally looking at right now as I type this, the annual number of homicides is around 15,872, with firearm homicides comprising 11,000 of those. So I am willing to admit, because the data reflect such, that there is a strong case to be made that the number of total homicides would be lower if not for firearms. But let us not be misleading here. Let us speak the truth.

The truth is that liberals in America, particularly politicians and media, do not simply preach against guns, they preach against two things: 1) Legal gun ownership. 2) White men using guns to kill. So, let’s examine that. The first stat we could look at is who is committing the bulk of the gun crime in the USA. Pucker your anus and prepare for a hate fact. Over 50% of America’s homicides are committed by young black males, ages 18-35, which comprise roughly 2% of the entire population. So that incredibly small number is responsible for over half of all the firearm violence. And while I cannot find solid statistics on the legal-vs.-illegal question here, I will assume it’s a safe bet that the bulk of young black male gun-owners are illegal gun owners, carrying in defiance of the law.

Yep. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, dumb-a**es. Gun-control laws are preventing them from being legal gun owners, but those laws, along with those gun-free zones, are not stopping people from getting guns and murdering. But since they’re not white males, let’s ignore them…

Let us ignore the fact that such a small number of people are causing so much damage to the nation. And they’re doing so by using illegal guns in places where gun-control measures are thick as pluck!

Is that wrong? Are these young black males going to gun shows and falling through loose regulatory loopholes, about which the liberal politicians incessantly gripe? We all know the answer to that. They’re getting these firearms illegally, by and large, so if we’re to examine under the microscope on which liberals place focus, we have to slice that 11,000 by more than half. Now we have a more manageable number. Still too many! Still too scary! But a lot more manageable.

Liberals and other anti-gun advocates preach that, basically, “If guns were not so easy to get legally, fewer people would die!” And toss in some stuff about automatic weapons and clips holding too many rounds, and what you basically have is a group of people advocating against the gross minority of gun murders in the USA, while blatantly and totally ignoring the majority of gun murders in the USA, and those who commit those crimes. So, if we’re honest with ourselves, these people are not really against the guns at all. They seem to be against white males being able to own guns. They fear that white people are more prone to enact gun violence, when the objective data paint a completely different story.

This isn’t one of those white nationalist articles where the writer is going to tell you how bad black people are. I’m just using a verifiable, factual statistic to show that white males with legal guns, while a problem to be sure, are not the problem liberals make it out to be.

The problem, for them, is white people owning guns. They do not want it. They do not like it. You can watch CNN, MSNBC, ABC, etc, for days on end, and you’ll see wall-to-wall coverage about the one mass shooter per year, given that the shooter is white, yet not hear, see or read a single snippet about any of the thousands upon thousands of young black males using guns to kill people every year.

If it were about the guns, more coverage would be dedicated to black shooters, as black shooters are quite literally—again, verifiable through hard data—the majority of those murdering other humans with guns in America.

And this isn’t a one-off sort of thing. According to hard data from the Department of Justice, blacks—that 2% of young males—have made up over half of all homicides for over 30 years! I’m thirty-seven. Not one time in my life do I ever remember seeing this information presented via mainstream media. Even Fox News, for as far-right and racist as people claim, rarely give this sort of data to the public.

In 2013, white people, over 60% of this nation, and the boogeyman from whom we must keep guns, according to liberals, committed only 31% of all homicides, even fewer gun homicides.

Black advocates who like to speak about 1% of blacks dying being murdered by police every year, leading to Black Lives Matter, et al, love to cite that the issue here is the proportionality. Because blacks only make up 13% of the population, it matters more that they get shot by police, even if police murder more white people. It’s about the percentages. The same statistical hogwash they’ll cite when looking at black males in prison vs. the population, etc. Okay, let’s play their game. Should be a hoot!

According to Mother Jones, which isn’t some right-wing rag (bet your life on that!), of all mass murderers between 1982 and 2013, only 55% were white. Hey, I say even one single mass killing is too much, with one mass murderer of any race being too high a number! I wish there were zero. But white people make up over 60% of the nation, yet barely represent over half of the mass murderers in America. Okay; why is this important again? Remember: It’s not the “guns” that anti-gun advocates are are against. It’s white people having guns that they’re so much against. They paint white people as unhinged, gun-toting lunatics from whom we must keep all firearms, lest there be total carnage in the streets. However, when whites only account for 55% of the mass killings, we can show that their fears are pretty much unfounded, and that they should be, if they were honest, focusing just as intently on the nonwhite community. Even more, in fact, if we’re playing their game of statistical proportionality! Fewer than 40% of the entire population being responsible for almost half of the mass murders for decades now! Isn’t that a problem? It’s a problem if the stats are “too many” black people being arrested per population, but apparently not if it’s too many black people shooting other people per population.

It’s really disgusting.

And let us not forget that all the “white” numbers are incredibly misleading to begin with! Starting some decades ago, the government started to list Hispanic/Latino persons as “white” when arrested for violent crimes. They don’t have their own category here; they’re shoved alongside white people, thus badly skewing the data and making it look like white folks have a bigger issue with violence than what they actually do. Okay; so why is this an important stat? Again, remember, they don’t want to rid the nation of guns; they don’t want gun violence as a whole to stop. They don’t shine a light on gun violence on the whole. They shine a light on white shooters and white shooters only, scared to death to speak about gun violence in nonwhite communities. And so long as illegal Mexicans and suchlike are being tossed into the “white” pile every time they murder someone with a gun, it gives these dishonest hack-tivists a sturdier leg on which to stand, when they should be floppin’ all around like a drunk-ass pirate.

I’m socially liberal. I love meme culture, and love watching liberals cringe when I spam them with a MAGA frog, but I’m no right-wing gun nut. I do wish there were tougher gun controls. I really do. I don’t want to take anyone’s right to own a gun away. In fact, I wish more good people had guns, so that maybe a gun-owning American patriot, man or woman of any race, would blow the skull off a mass shooter before they created so much carnage.

I also just understand that legal gun owners who kill people with guns they went through the proper channels to purchase is a statistical minority, far and away. The bulk of gun crime in America is committed by people who are not white, and people who do not own legal firearms. Yet the only time anti-gun morons wish to shine a light on the “culture” is when a white person kills someone.

So, seriously, stop trying to get over on us like we can’t see you for what you are, you anti-gun nuts! It isn’t the guns you’re against; it’s white people owning guns.

Statistically speaking, the focus should be on everyone but white males who own guns legally. But we know you can’t have “hate facts” getting into the narrative and spoiling all the fun.

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