Trudeau Tells The UN Canada ‘remains a work in progress’ And We Best Believe Him

I Rarely Talk About Canada, But We Need Your Help

On Thursday Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spoke to a small United Nations General Assembly audience where days earlier in the same hall President Trump gave a blistering speech to a packed room.

To the large audience Trump called out regimes of North Korea, Iran and Syria. Trump warned Kim Jong Un that the United States will “totally destroy” his country if he maintains the path to nuclear weapons.

Trudeau took a decidedly different tone, saying, “Canada is not a wonderland,” he continued, “where difficulties others face do not exist.” Trudeau spoke as if he had uncovered a new truth, and was now sharing it with his grade seven classmates.

How is it possible for Trudeau to make such a statement? His canoe and snowboard instruction jobs, in my opinion, were mere amusements. For a trust fund kid every day is playtime.

The mark of a serial underachiever, Justin never held a steady job until he cashed in on his family name. So, surely, in Justin’s Canada, his coddled, low achievement life has been largely a wonderland.

Trudeau used his time to deliver an over rehearsed speech to a sparse UNGA audience. He made certain to seed it with the virtue signals and the moral relativism common to such bodies, and mandatory when seeking a seat on the Security Council.

I’ll sum up his speech this way; Trudeau bashed Canada, he dumped on our history, he blamed our ancestors. If you can handle it watch the video on here, read the transcript here. Trudeau made the calculated decision to do so on in an international forum. He did so with his usual condescension, moralizing, and smugness.

A real leader doesn’t behave this way. A nationalist doesn’t travel to a foreign country for the express purpose of running down his homeland, despite its faults. An honorable citizen cleans up his own room, works to reduce suffering of his fellow citizens, and takes pride in such accomplishments.

Every country has systemic problems, pointing out your own seems a cheap trick to claim we are all the same, and that your country is no worse than Canada. Judged on his words, this is what Trudeau believes, that all cultures are equal, therefore we are all the same.

Such a decision means you have to omit messy stuff about the plight of Christians in the Middle East, the genocide of Yazidis at the hands of ISIS, and women’s rights in, say, Saudi Arabia.

Obviously the UN isn’t the forum to mention civil or the role of state-sponsors of terrorism. Trudeau knows better than to upset the bright lights of liberalism such as Iran and Saudi Arabia. And definitely don’t name the ideology which continues to strike the west.

Trudeau cast Canada and Canadians (although, at the UN in general, and in Trudeaupia particularly it’s a given that “Canadians” in context of pretty much anything Trudeau derides refers to white male Christians) in the role slovenly disrespectful racists. Canada, according to Trudeau, a guy that has never actually built anything, remains a work in progress. Justin delivered his verbal assault on our Canada, I’d wager, by rote, by teleprompter of course, and calling-up his drama-school flourishes to impress his hosts.

There is much to dislike in everything Trudeau says. No doubt his constant pandering to dictators induces nausea in people from coast-to-coast-to-coast. Trudeau’s objective is a seat on the Security Council in 2020. In this pursuit, expect Trudeau to through Canada under the bus whenever it suits him.

So what’s the takeaway for here?  For me it is this: When Trudeau refers to Canada as a work in progress (as coming under his progressivism, fully in the socialist sense taught him by Pierre Elliot) I believe him.

I also understand my definition of progress to be vastly different from his. Trudeau’s vision of a Post-nation State would confiscate our liberty, advance his “admiration for China”, and deliver us to his version of Stalinesque misery. Its moments like these when I harden my resolve to push back on every “progress” Trudeau wants to inflict on Canada.



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