I’m Offended! My Poor, Poor Feels: Part 2

In Defense Of Flag Burning

I gave the right-wing hypocrites a good what-fer in my previous article here on Halsey. And it’s because I find it the height of idiocy for people to put so much damn emotion into their offense-taking and the suchlike. Why do you champion the Constitution, remind everyone relentlessly that soldiers died for our freedoms, and then want to take away someone’s rights if those rights offend you? Stupid asses! But let me also be clear here that I think these little spoiled millennial babies, most of whom are black, in the NFL are in serious need of a reality check! I’m not offended, but, hey, they get called out just like everyone else! I don’t agree with them in the least and think it’s stupid. Here’s why.

For starters, let’s just all agree that you’re not oppressed if you play in the NFL, in any capacity. Even if you’re not good enough for the field on Sundays and are relegated to the practice squad, you still earn a minimum of $102,000 annually, which puts you in the top 1% of the 1% of wage earners to ever live on this planet in its 4.5-billion-year history. You’re making over twice the high end of average income for middle-class persons, which means you’re flatly high-class, upper-class, whatever the hell you wanna call it. You’re that!

Okay, this might get ugly for a minute. Please, bear with me. Don’t do it for me; do it for the talented people who work here, like Halsey, Stef, Tiana, et al; just burden my hack-in-a-box ass while I drop some definitions on people. I say it might get ugly because we all know definitions don’t apply when dealing with black people. With feminists, you only allowed to use their one narrow dictionary definition. With black people, well, they get to redefine terms in every single conceivable instance, so long as it makes them the oppressed and you the oppressor. Very convenient, but it’s ironically a power we cruel oppressors have bestowed upon the oppressed: The power to change reality to the point the oppressed get to freely lash out without consequence. Man, that’s like calling a vacation in the Bahamas, with free drinks and scantily clad THOTs giving you lap-dances, a prison. But anyway….

“Oppress” is a verb which means to burden someone with cruel, unjust impositions or restraints. A thing that is oppressed is subject to harshness and a brutal exercise of authority or power. It means to lie heavily upon one and to hold them down. This is what it means. Or, at least, this is what it’s supposed to mean. And by this definition, not only are NFL athletes wholly free from oppression, but so too are all black people in all walks of life in America. Nobody is holding them down in this day and age per the standard.

Though that’s when we see a new definition of “oppression” surface. Now, it’s oppressive for a black person to have to work for a living, I guess, even if they’re getting paid millions of dollars to do so. How oppressive we are! We, the shitlords who spend hundreds of dollars a year to enjoy sub-par games on the field and to watch identitarian babies pretend to slave on cotton farms in the 1800s; this is our fault! We are holding the bruthamans down, yo!

Also, it’s just incredibly selfish. Look, I know from being a lifelong NFL fan three things: 1) There are many, many NFL players over the years who have helped at-risk youth. 2) I know from equal experience how much these babies get away with because of their fame and fortune. And 3) You can’t be the guy in the locker room not down for the cause. But let’s start with the first thing first.

1: Helping the Youth

Guys like Ray Lewis, Brandon Marshall, and too many more to name here have helped out their communities and have tried to be mentors to the mostly fatherless bastards from their communities. Okay, you might think that’s a harsh way to refer to these kids, but don’t blame me – blame their irresponsible mothers who thrust them into that situation to make them at-risk without daddies. That’s what’s crippling these kids, and that’s why rich adults have to step in to be male mentors for them. Though the point is that you’d be hard-pressed to find any of these selfish knee-takers also acting as mentors. The people who seem to believe they’re the most oppressed are, to a damn man, the most spoiled and selfish players, Colin Kaepernick being their poster-child. (A man who isn’t even talented enough to be on a team this season.)

They’re sending a message to the youth in America, specifically the black youth, that America—well, white people specifically—is holding them down and doesn’t want them to achieve success. If that were the case, there’d be no NFL. The NFL, NBA, MLB have been majority non-white for two whole generations now! When you buy a ticket, buy a cable package, buy gear from the NFL, you know damn well it’s a majority black league. And as racist as we supposedly are in America as white people, as much as we hate and oppress those damn dirty black bastards, the NFL turns a higher and higher profit every single year, with players getting paid more and more money. It is not only objectively incorrect to claim oppression from this position of monumental privilege; it’s actually harmful to society. After all, if there’s a kid out there who believes Colin is oppressed with his one-hundred-million dollars, imagine how oppressed this kid is going to feel his entire damn life, and what he teaches his kids, and what they teach theirs, etc!

It’s a cycle that started with white Democrats wanting to put blacks back in chains for voting blocs, and unfortunately, as talented as these black NFL players are, they aren’t always the sharpest knives in the drawer, and they play right into the hands of socialist agitators in society who are the only people who benefit from this sort of unrest. You spread the myth that rich people are oppressed by white people solely because of their skin color, and suddenly you have painted yourself into a corner. You can never not be oppressed in America, so long as white people exist. Sheesh. I don’t need to spell out where this is going! You damn well know where it’s going!

2: NFL Privilege

So a few months ago we heard from the Seattle Seahawks’ Michael Bennett, as he spun some sob story about how he “dindu nuffin” in Las Vegas and was racially profiled by the dirty, racist white police. ESPN and other news networks showed a video of Bennett on the ground, with a gun drawn on him. So tragic! The man was obviously racially profiled! The proof is in the video. Huh? Wh– wait a minute. You mean they edited out the first part of the video to make it look worse than it was? Oh, okay, now I remember. There was violence committed around Bennett in Vegas, and the police were called for a possible disturbance. And what did Bennett do when he saw the police? Got up and ran instead of being questioned, and then refused to stop when the police tried to catch him. So it wasn’t because he was black, after all. It was because he was incredibly stupid and acted like a perp by fleeing from the police and disobeying commands. But because he’s black, media will make sure history reflects his side of the story only, and you better friggin’ believe that he “dindu nuffin,” yo, and was a victim because of being black.

Ray Rice, Montee Ball, Justin Cox, Dante Fowler, Robby Anderson, Trevone Boykin, Jaemis Winston, Ahmad Brooks, the aforementioned Ray Lewis, OJ f’n Simpson! And this list literally goes on for over a thousand names. These are players, black players, from the NFL who have been charged with everything from DUI and domestic abuse to sexual battery and even outright murder; and what happens to them? Basically nothing. Black people are supposedly so oppressed in this nation, with the justice system only taking into account their skin tone, yet the vast majority of these men are free and clear and walking the streets.

So, please, tell me again how you’re oppressed in the NFL, Mr. Black Man. I need to know. At this point, it’s apparently because whitey’s making you show up to practice so you don’t completely suck on the field like Kaepernick’s noob ass. Oh, the horror. You know, now that I think about, this is exactly like the black slaves in the cotton fields! You guys should definitely quit the NFL and donate all of your money to charity. Get away from this obviously oppressive atmosphere!

3: The Locker Room

Look, there’s something you should understand about the NFL, about all male locker rooms, before you come down too hard on all the players taking a knee. Focus more on the vocal ones, and please try to understand that younger players without clout, and the smaller players, and the ones who just aren’t that good on a team, well, they’re going along to get along. Imagine being a 2nd string cornerback or a special teams player in the NFL who just happens to be black. “Why aren’t you taking a knee?” asks the 340-pound starting offensive lineman. “Aren’t you going to take a knee with us, bruh?” asks the star starting wide receiver. What do you do in that situation? So I understand fully that a large portion of those taking a knee are doing so because they’re riding the trend not to start waves.

You see, that’s a thing worth paying attention to: The ones who are vocal about it and make a big deal out of it, and the ones you never hear anything from. What better way to get publicity for yourself as a D-list player than to act like a Colin and promote this nonsense? It’d be a boon for them, at least right now. But that they don’t lets you know full well that most are just trying to stay on a team and to stay in a team’s good graces. So don’t let the numbers fool you too much; pay more attention to the ring leaders.

When it’s all said and done, these are definitely babies here who don’t quite understand what it is to be oppressed. They seem to blame white people for their being rich, and they don’t seem to give any thought to their fellow blacks starving in their own communities, much less over in Africa or anyplace similar. And, yes, that’s a valid card to play! We’re talking about people who are supposedly seeking to fight oppression. To. Fight. Oppression. What, exactly, are they doing to fight oppression? Are they donating money to the hungry? Are they helping their brothers and sisters by blood to lead better lives? No. They’re virtue-signaling on a football field so that their social media pages get more hits. They’re doing what progressive millennial SJWs do: Whine hard and hope white people fix the issues for them.

Ironic and stupid. Ironically stupid.

It’s sad. It’s ridiculous. These babies don’t deserve to play in the NFL. I’m not offended by it. I just find it incredibly stupid, and I feel sorry that these players, for as talented as they are on a football field, seem to have IQ scores that are barely a touch above mental retardation.

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