The NFL Challenge: No Ice Buckets…Just Patriotism

The NFL Challenge

We all remember the Ice Bucket Challenge and why not? Ten of Millions of dollars raised for ALS research by people banding together to dump ice water over their heads and do a little good.

Obviously, we live in much different times. The NFL has gotten on board with Colin Kapernick, Linda Sarsour and others to denigrate our military by taking a knee during our national anthem. Many people have called for a national boycott of the NFL and their sponsors. I think it is better to take our rage and turn it into action that not only shows the NFL what happens when you mess with us, and also do some good.

With the first major #TakeAKnee protest taking place on Gold Star Mother’s Day (Gold Star Mothers are those that have lost a child in active combat) it is time to show our Gold Star, Law enforcement and other Families our support.

I propose The NFL Challenge…The Rules are simple.

  1. Go to the homepage of any charity that supports the Military, Law Enforcement or anyone else. My personal favorite is the Michael Strange Foundation ( and set up an initial donation of $5 a month for a year. This is only $60, less than the cost of one ticket to an NFL game. 
  2. Whether you choose to watch the games or not, every game day take note of the games where any players #TakeAKnee. Increase your monthly donation by any amount you want. If they keep it up, use the money you save cancelling ESPN, NFL game pass, Team Merchandise or other garbage and give it to help Military Families. 
  3. Then share what you did on all your social media channels and ask your friends and family to do the same. 

One would think that someone privileged enough to make millions of dollars annually in America, in the top one-percent of the one-percent, would have enough respect for their country that honoring the flag would be the least they could do. Though with the #TakeAKnee nonsense going on in the NFL today, what we see are grown men acting like oppressed, spoiled babies, disrespecting the flag and stomping blatantly on the freedoms which were won for them at the cost of people’s pain, suffering and lives.

The goal here isn’t necessarily to combat the blatant disrespect with money, but more so to show American’s military men and women that someone does appreciate them. Millions of us respect our nation, revere our flag, and understand fully that we owe our lives and freedom to these brave men and women who have sacrificed all to keep us living in this wonderful first-world nation of freedoms. And not only those who have died or have been wounded in the defense of those freedoms, but also their families who understand all too well what blood and treasure has been spent to enable adult millionaires to behave like rotten toddlers.

The NFL Challenge is also not necessarily a boycott of the NFL in its entirely it is really the money the games cost. If you think about it, our hard-earned dollars are precisely what pay the salaries of these ungrateful players. $50 a month or more for services like Sunday Ticket, RedZone, and other NFL packages. Money spent at bars watching the games. Hundreds upon hundreds of dollars spent if you were to attend a game with your family. Not to even mention the extremely overpriced NFL official merchandise. The average fan spends hundreds of dollars a year to enjoy the NFL, even if they do not realize it. Would this money not be better spent going to the soldiers and the families of soldiers who are being disrespected so mightily by seven-figure ingrates?

Halsey English, the Founder of Halsey Media is the first one to take the challenge. He will continue this for the entirely of the NFL season, including the regular season, playoffs, and even the Super Bowl. For every week any player—even one single player—decides to virtue signal by disrespecting the flag and the nation, halsey will increase the donation by another $5.

What we hope is that you also find it unacceptable to spit on our flag and on our freedoms! We hope you choose to join us in the NFL Challenge and to take the money out of the pockets of disrespectful babies and to place the money in the hands of the men, women and families who suffer for our rights and freedoms. The power of the dollar works both ways. Let us show the NFL players what our money is truly worth!

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