Hilary Clinton: Please Just Go Away

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In America there is a grand tradition called elections. They are held in November, and at the end (most of the time) you know the winner and the loser. I am really glad, that Hilary Clinton, who said that not accepting the results of an election was a threat to Democracy, went gracefully into retirement and let her political rival go on to govern with good wishes and hope for the future.

Then I woke up, and realized that Hillary just might never go away.

Hilary has written a new book, it is called What Happened? and in it she goes through a list of every person, thing and country that is responsible for her crowning as Queen of the Iron Throne, I mean United States, didn’t happen.

It was James Comey, It was the Russians, It was Matt Lauer, It was Benghazi, It was the Women’s March and blah blah blah blah blah.

The real question I, and so many more Americans want answered is…

Can Hilary please just go away? Pretty Please?

Every time President Trump moves, there is Hilary, in some Hollywood echo chamber, spouting off about what a President should have said and she would have played it. She thinks she is showing the country what they are missing out on, and in a sense she is right. The country is missing out on having a lying criminal leading our country down the path to weakness, despair and surrender.

Hilary was on Adolph Colbert’s show last night, to talk about President Trump’s speech in front of the UN. She managed to call it dark, dangerous and accused him of abandoning diplomacy. She wants you to forget that it was her Husband’s and Her diplomacy that got us where we are in the first place, appeasing North Korea while they built nuclear weapons.

Here is Hilary running off at the mouth again…

The worst part about it is, what is the most obvious. Hilary is definitely trying to set the stage to run for office again. She really still believes she is going to be President.

So she is making sure to keep all her BS in the headlines. She has her stooge, Terry McAulife standing down police and setting up riots in Charlottesville, she is pushing the fake Russian Narrative making sure the media know she is still around and expects their obedience when she runs again. She is even funneling money from her failed campaign to ANTIFA.

Hilary, we know you don’t care about the country, so let’s try diplomacy with you. How much would it cost to just make you go away?

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