A Lesson In Patriotism


Since the 2016 Election Patriotism has gotten a bad rap. The Left has been trying for years to equate patriotism with racism and other nefarious principles. Why would they want to do that? What purpose could they possibly have in making people hate their own country?

The more you look into it the more it makes sense. When you love something, you are willing to sacrifice for it. If you are willing to make decisions which may not be in your own interest but that of the country, what do you need socialism for?

Socialism is one of those theories that tries to cloak itself in righteousness. Why wouldn’t we want to provide universal services for everyone? Isn’t it the “right” of everyone to receive everything in equal proportion?

This sounds like a sacrifice, I am willing to sacrifice to give everyone the same treatment. This is the inherent rub in it though. They aren’t willing to sacrifice anything of their own. They want to sacrifice that which isn’t theirs to help others. It requires you to hate your country to be able to justify confiscating that which you did not earn to give it away to others. It isn’t just their wealth either, it is their health, their schools, their housing…everything.

In the end, sacrifice is not sacrifice if it is forced. It is Theft.

Patriotism, on the other hand breeds sacrifice because it belief in something higher than yourself. You join the military to put your life on the line to defend the flag, you become a journalist to hold the government’s feet to the fire to ensure they aren’t stealing your life away and you become a cop or fireman to ensure the safety of your fellow citizens.

Patriotism also can be seen in other facets of life. Patriots want to make sure that others have the same opportunities that you had and better. You see everyone as being a benefit and you work to make sure that the door is wide open for them to seize and grow.

The best way to view this is to look at immigration. If you speak to people who came to this country legally, you generally see things like this.


When you see people that come here illegally you generally see things like this.

Those that sacrificed to get here, and love this country are the country’s biggest cheerleaders. Those that sneak in for economic gain and don’t care about the country at all demand handouts and beleive the country owes them something. Legal immigrants move here for a better life. Illegal Immigrants come here for a better deal.

We should all strive to learn the lessons that our legal immigrants can teach us. Then maybe we can regain the patriotism we seems to have lost. We must also remember that socialism is the opposite of Patriotism, which is why the Left loves it.

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