Sorry Fellow Minorities, We Are Suspects, Not Americans

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There is a fellow Broadcaster and Political analyst named OT (@hrtablaze), I am glad I can call him a friend. He has been on my show. We have spent countless hours arguing the nuances of Taco Trucks, insulting each others ethnicity and we have spent countless hours debating whether a true 10 gets the Olive Garden or The Waffle House. Lately, he has been spending a lot of time discussing DACA, and unsurprisingly he has taken a lot of sh*t about it. Did I mention OT was Latino? In 2017, this probably matters more than he suspects. Here’ s why.

He dropped this Tweet last night. It is a whole thread and I won’t make you read the whole thing.

His basic premise was that the Right has taken up the debate style of the Left in that they put words in your mouth and try to convince you you hold beliefs that you don’t. I honestly believe this is the result of years of Identity Politics and not just a Right/Left thing.

Sorry OT, you will always be suspect on immigration issues the same way I will always be suspect on Israel. People feel we have too much skin in the game. It is also the result of looking at people by their historical ethnicity instead of looking at each other strictly as Americans.

When OT and I joke around, we constantly make jokes about each other’s ethnicity.  People watching from the outside would, no doubt, say that I am anti-Latino and OT is an anti semite. I don’t believe this is true in the slightest, but is just a result of Identity Politics. I don’t see OT as Latino I see him as an American. I believe he sees me as an American too. Yet, when issues arise that we have been told effect our designated ethnic group, for some reason, we are expected to not have an opinion and let the “real” Americans decide.

This has to change.

I am Jewish, my father’s side of the family has been in America since the Revolution but my mother’s family were German until they fled the Holocaust. I am not sure how many generations OT has ben here, but in that regard we are both children of immigrants. I spent 10 years on assignment in Israel, living in Jerusalem for most of those years. I have been to the West Bank repeatedly, witnessed the violence, seen both sides of the argument, worked with politicians there, by all measures I am an expert on Israel.

Yet, I can’t be trusted because I am Jewish.

This is what I get. The issue I am most qualified to discuss, my arguments are dismissed because of my ethnicity. It is us vs them. My opinion doesn’t really count.

OT this is why it is so frustrating for you to argue immigration. You are Latino, you are suspect. Forget that you have a unique perspective on DACA, Legal/illegal immigration and other issues like DACA. In the end, you are viewed with suspicion, because in the end, the rest of the country feels you are too close, and when it comes down to it, maybe you just aren’t American enough.

I am not saying this as an us vs them thing. As I said, I go through it as well. Often. And it blows.In the end though we can take comfort in the fact that they need our opinions. In their minds, we represent the extreme. It is our opinions that define the middle. It is because of us, that things get done.

For this to happen I have to accept, loudly and begrudgingly that you will always be taken more seriously than me when you talk about Israel, and I will always have more credibility on DACA. It is just the way of things. Maybe this is a great idea for a new show? The Madness Hour with Hymie and Paco: Filmed in front of a Kosher Taco Truck? Well maybe not.

It just sucks when our voices are drowned out on issues we care about, especially because when all is said and done we have to leave it to the White People to solve the problem.

*Damn it, now I am playing identity politics. grrrrrr.

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