The Left Needs Islam To Be Peaceful, Even If It Kills Us

Rasmea Odeh

It has been an Islam kind of day. This morning, at 4:30am, I did a show with Jayda Fransen on how the Left is using Islam to criminalize Free Speech. Little did I know, that as I was discussing this with Jayda, a terrorist struck a tube station in London and a soldier was knifed in Paris.

As is typical, “Allahu Akbar” started trending on Social Media and we all knew the blood had to be flowing somewhere.

This is where we are at. This is 2017.

Halsey News’ own Stefanie MacWilliams wrote a hard-hitting piece this morning, that struck all the notes I would have, but she went one-step further which prompted this response.

In her piece she writes…

Saying Islam is bad shatters the mirror. It changes how we view religion. It changes how we view foreign policy. It changes how we view tolerance. It changes everything.

She couldn’t be more right. It does change everything. What she didn’t elaborate on is that it already has.

In years past, it didn’t take a brain surgeon to realize you are permitted by polite society to hate people who attack you. There in no white privilege or systemic racism involved.  This isn’t a micro-agression or some other leftist nonsense.

When a person attacks women and children, you are permitted to hate them.

You are permitted to fight back.

Most importantly, you are allowed to see them, on a societal level, as an enemy.

Yet here we are. In the land of identity politics, where any horrid act can be excused because we have to lower the slaughter of innocent women and children to the same level as old statues, mean words, or SUVs.

The Left NEEDS Islam to be peaceful, otherwise, how can they claim that a speech or an election is the end of American society?

There is one group of people not buying into this bullshit. And no, I am not looking at you Trump supporters.

People who get it are the radical Islamists.  And they are using it to destroy us from within.

I have written, at length, about the Women’s March which was led by Sharia supporter and “never met a terrorist she didn’t like” Linda Sarsour. Then let’s throw in “A Day Without a Women’s” leader Rasmea Odeh.

They get it. They understand what they are dealing with. They also understand the lengths that the Left will go to to make sure they are regarded as peaceful.

Let’s play a little game here. Look at these two pictures and what do you see?

The dead lifeless eyes of terrorists?

People with blood on their hands?

Islamic insurgents?

Rasmea Odeh              linda sarsour

The answers to these questions are a resounding yes. But I want you to notice what is missing. (hint it isn’t just a soul).

No pussy hats on either of these two. There are no pictures anywhere of them with their pussy hats on marching for the rights of others.  Not. A. One. And I have looked.

They understand what the stakes are and how to play the game. They have already taken their lessons from hundreds of Palestinian Terrorists who murder Jews as if it is what they were born to do. They understand, the Left is invested in their peacefulness.

The Left needs it, at all costs. How can you advocate for universal healthcare, ripping down statues or stopping Ben Shapiro from speaking at Berkley if we actually have a common enemy?

If there is a force that wants us all dead as Americans?

If there is actually an issue we can unite over?

It is time for the country to get real about Islam and realize what is really going on. The Trump supporters out there already understand. So do the hundreds of red-pilled Democrats who I have spoken to who universally say Islam is what made them realize just how delusional the Left was.

If you need one more pathetic example, click here. This women, is making an argument that it is worse to foster racism against Muslim Rape Gangs than it is to be raped.

That a woman should accept being raped, because at least she will get raped knowing she isn’t fostering racist attitudes. By the way if you enter Rape or Racism into Google (you disgusting trolls) this is the first thing result listed.

If the problem is not confronted. If we are forced to move further down the road of political suppression and violence to close our eyes to the danger that Islam poses, then we do so at our own peril.

It is time to admit, and force the Left to admit, that Islam isn’t peaceful, otherwise we will all peacefully die.