Dear Antifa

By James Sherrod


As I hope you understand, your name is short hand for Anti-Fascism. Fascism, for those of you who clearly don’t know, has the following definition:


A system of government marked by centralization of authority under a dictator, a capitalist economy subject to stringent governmental controls, and violent suppression of the opposition

I would love nothing more than for an organization named Anti Fascism to be successful. Unfortunately your so called resistance to fascism ends with your name. The physical manifestations of your group proves you just as tyrannical as the enemy your name claims to oppose. Either that or you get your fascism resistance strategy from a magic eight ball.  It seems you enjoy cos playing with bandannas and wooden shields more than you care about government overreach.

Lets take a quick look at a few key battlegrounds you brilliantly chose as important to resisting fascism in America.


GOAL: prevent a conservative speaker who has zero influence over government policy from          speaking at a campus event.

TACTIC: Intimidation by violence. Fireworks, rocks, and molotov cocktails may be thrown at police.   Books are to be burned and windows smashed. Pepper spray and physical assault is to be used against opposition. The new dorm construction is also to be targeted.

RESULT: Media coverage resulted in conservative speaker event being canceled. The publicity     resulted in the speaker’s message reaching a larger audience. No government policy was     impacted.


GOAL: Oppose white supremacists gathered in Charlottesville.

TACTIC: Intimidation by violence. Mass and hand held weapons are to be used to target          anyone assumed to be associated with white supremacy. Energize movement to remove        historical monuments of the civil war.

RESULT: Politically insignificant white supremacist rally disrupted. 19 injured, 1 dead.  Media   coverage obtained for civil war monuments. No government policy was impacted.


GOAL: Disrupt the “Peaceful Portland Freedom March “

TACTIC: Intimidation by violence. Attack police and attendees with items such as sling shots, fire extinguishers, and smoke bombs.

RESULT: Riot police moved in and AntiFa was removed. The rally later reconvened. No            government policy was impacted.

Ignoring the idiocy of armed protests in states that are already blue, the only thing you have achieved is media attention. Zero government policy has been effected. While you were playing dress up in the street our government is moving closer towards a turnkey tyranny. Since you constantly demonstrate a complete lack of awareness let me give you some advice as you strap on your bandanna and get all juiced up to go throw rocks at the police.

It is time to use your only appreciable skill to achieve something more tangible than an insignificant hashtag. Since the media seems to enjoy giving you air time, do the world a favor and use that platform to draw attention to something that is actually significant in the effort to #RESIST the trend towards centralized power of the government. I know it can be hard to do some reading and find issues that are strategically important to actually being anti fascist but I believe in you. I will even give you a few tips. Here are three very current issues that you should be calling attention to:

AUMF – Authorization for Use of Military Force

This bill was originally passed by congress in the wake of the attacks on the World Trade Centers on September 11, 2001. Essentially giving the President of the United States the power to use whatever military force is deemed necessary for national security. On September 13, 2017 Senator Rand Paul was successful in forcing Congress to vote on repealing this bill after sixteen years of unrestricted military force by the executive branch. The vote to repeal failed.

Title VII of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act

On September 11, 2017 Attorney General Jeff Sessions sent a letter to Congress asking for clean and permanent re-authorization of Title VII of the FISA. Thanks to Edward Snowden we know that FISA has been used by the NSA to spy on the communications of the entire US population as well as globally. While the NSA has proven their lack of will to abide by the law, permanent re-authorization of their current powers would only ensure the advancement of the surveillance state.

Justice Department’s Equitable Sharing Program

In July 2017 Attorney General Jeff Sessions rolled back restricted on civil asset forfeiture. This enables the government take money and property from citizens without first bringing charges against them. Promoted as necessary to battle the criminal enterprises this abuse of power enables the government to take your possessions whenever they feel like it.

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