America First Immigration: Make DACA Home Countries Great Again

America First Immigration: Make DACA Home Countries Great Again

America is always talking about being a melting pot about being the birthplace of true multi-culturism, about freedom, liberty, and personal choice. We talk about how we were a nation built on legal immigrants and how we are who we are today by accepting all who came to our door. We are an America for everybody – except legal Americans. No one ever talks about how illegal immigration effects actual citizens, only about how changing illegal immigration effects people in the country illegally. Should we not put our own citizens, our own people regardless of race, religion or ethnicity first before those who have crossed our borders illegally? After all, what is America if there are no borders?

We hear its cruel to turn away or send home children smuggled in to the country by their parents and that it isn’t their fault they were brought here. But whose fault is it? The parents. They made a decision for their child that could ultimately negatively impact their lives in the future and the day of reckoning has come. Of course, we have compassion and sympathy for these people, but that doesn’t mean our nation can be a free flowing escalator, just bringing people in and out illegally of the United States. As adults, we know all actions have consequences. What happens when those “dreamers,” grow up and kill American citizens? Should we say “Oh well then, it happens”?

What is a country or nation if it has no borders?

Once borders are removed we no longer have a nation, a country is founded not only on principle but also on its physical land. If we take away our sovereignty and open up our country we lose not just our land but we lose the cohesive cultures that also make a country unique. We cannot meld all cultures together and still have distinct countries that bring true diversity to the table. If there is a mass melding of all peoples in China or in Poland, Saudi Arabia etc we no longer have those countries and their own unique traits. We lose their borders and we essentially lose the heart of what each of those countries is. Although the united states is largely ethnically diverse there are still American and western values that tie us together and if we open up our borders and we make exceptions for everyone who slips in to the country illegally where are the unique values of America and the west going to go? If you import the third world you begin to become the third world. In a way if we have unvetted rampant illegal immigration we are extending our borders to Mexico and beyond and saying bring your culture here, bring your custom’s here, never mind what happens to Americas own vital and rich culture, let it be taken over by other more dominant cultures and enclaves of separate mini governmental states form within the larger country.

When do we stand up for America?

When do we put America first and hurt feelings second? It may be a hard choice, it may play at the heart strings, it may separate families, and it may change peoples lives, but in the end we must preserve our own country first and we must hold accountable those who have broken the law and came over here illegally. This may directly impact the lives of the children of parents who shipped their kids over here during the days of the virtual DACA pipeline but people live with the decisions their parents made good and bad on a daily basis across the world. We cant keep taking responsibility for everyone’s illegal or bad choices. It’s time we put America first and we ask those affected by DACA to return to their home countries and make their countries great again. Work to make them bright and successful. We cannot still the bright minds of these home countries anymore, it’s time they return to their homes and build a better future for their people and it’s time America cares more about itself and its citizens in immigration policy than those who are illegal.

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