Sorry DACA Repicients, We Don’t Owe You Anything

Sorry DACA Repicients, We Don't Owe You Anything

I keep thinking about DACA.

It’s stuck in my craw, and at the time of this writing, I’m still not exactly sure why, but I’m sure I will have worked it out by time I hit “publish”. Writing for me is a little bit of magic. I can talk about something (see my Periscope), listen to podcasts about it (see Preuss Podcast episode I really enjoyed), and talk about it some more (see Right Millennial last night), but writing is usually the only way I can nail down what I think and move on before I’m driven mad.

Sorry DACA Repicients, We Don't Owe You Anything

This video could drive anyone mad. Also, I’ve never seen a more punchable child.

DACA is one of those issues that is seemingly small in scope, but actually raises deep questions about my core political beliefs.

The reality of DACA is extremely clear: DACA is illegal, just like the illegal aliens it exempts from the law.   No amount of whining, whinging, hand wringing, or shouting of heartless/racist/fascist will change those simple facts. Every “DACAmented” illegal alien has committed a crime. Yes, even those who did not knowingly commit the initial crime because they were forcibly brought to the United States as children.

They knowingly committed subsequent crimes, and we know this to be true by the very fact that they applied for DACA in the first place. Many of them used fake social security or other documents, received taxpayer funded services, etcetera. All of them applied for a program to protect them from deportation because they knew that they were in the United States illegally.

And, of course, there’s the small fact that ignorance of the law does not exempt you from the law!

But none of that matters to the left. Because crimes are only crimes when the wrong group of people commits them. Even the so-called strawman “illegal-alien-Mexican-rapist-drug-dealer-murderer” is not committing a crime. The real criminal is the Working Class White Male™ who doesn’t want to pay for his food, housing, education, and inevitable prison stay.

And this is the crux of the issue.

Any sort of objective set of laws which apply to all are anathema to the leftist collectivists. Law, order, and responsibility are negatives to the left, because these realities encourage individualism. Relativistic morality, lawlessness, and chaos are what the left craves, because these subjective and ever-shifting realities encourage collectivism.

Collectives can be controlled. Collectives can easily amass power. Indivuals, with their pesky insistence on pursuing their own goals and the goals of those close to them, are an inconvenience.

The response to Trump’s action on DACA exemplifies this.

The sub-class of “DREAMers” within the broader class of “undocumented immigrants” is a convenient collective for the left (and many Republicans) to parade out in search of compassionate supporters.

“Look! This group of illegal aliens is awesome! They love America! They are not at fault for anything, they are just poor victims!”

This may be partially true, of certain members of the collective.

There are shades of grey here to consider in terms of how we respond. For example: the (likely mostly mythical) 19 who does not speak Spanish, who was brought here at age two, whose parents died, and who did not find out they were an illegal alien until they were in high school, holds a very different level of responsibility than the 30 year old who speaks Spanish, has family in Mexico, and has been knowingly forging identification since the age of 14.

But this is what the left refuses to accept: I can say the American people have zero legal responsibility for a single one of these people. They would be fully within their rights to ship every last one home. Every one of them is a criminal, whether they actively chose to be or not. Tough luck. 

Sorry DACA Repicients, We Don't Owe You Anything

Pictured: every DACA recipient.

I can simultaneously say, however, that there is nothing wrong with the American people being voluntarily compassionate to people.  We can look at the reality of the law but decide to override certain elements of the consequences. We do this all the time.

There are police officers who arrest people for stealing who later come to their home with bags of groceries paid for out of their pocket. There are judges who will give only a fine instead of jail time. We make these calls within the legal system and within communities.

Sorry, leftists, I know you need a boogeyman, but conservatives do not hate “DREAMers”.

We hate the collective. We hate the implication that we are heartless monsters because we begin with a presumption of reality and legality before we look at compassionate virtue and morality.

As long as you insist on treating DACA recipients as a mass collective of Only Good People Who Did Nothing Wrong, as long as you insist on “No borders, No USA!”, as long as you ignore law and order and reality, my answer to “DREAMers” and DACA recipients will be this: wake the f*ck up, blame your parents, and have fun in Mexico.

Accept your responsibilities, and the American people will likely take on your struggle with love and compassion.

Indiviaul compassion cannot come from subjective reality and collectivism. Sorry bout it.

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