Is Trump About To Go Rogue? [UPDATED]

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Trump Is Going Rogue [UPDATED]

*Posted 9/8/2017

Currently, Halsey News political analysts Tom Luongo and Halsey English are preparing a 4 part series and some broadcasts on this topic but we wanted to get the general points out there into Cyberspace to avoid others taking credit for our work (yes we are looking at you Jack Posobiec)

Since the publication of this article there have been many significant events that have shaped the political scene and forced President Trump to move forward with his plans. I believe that going Rogue is still the goal. Steve Bannon and Sebastian Gorka have left the White House to return to the media. President Trump handled the Hurricane in Texas. Paul Ryan has went full loony. So on and so forth. We will go into more details after the weekend, but the policy and political moves are substantiating our theory. Among them:

  • Trump has put a Sunset on the DACA program but has said he wants Congress to enshrine amnesty for the DREAMers within the next six months. He has indicated he will continue the program if they don’t.
  • He has went behind the backs of Paul Ryan,  Mitch McConnell and Congressional Republicans by negotiating a deal for Hurricane Harvey Releif and a three month extension of the Debt Ceiling with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer.
  • He has campaigned for one of the most vulnerable Democrats in the 2018 Senate Race, Heidi Heidi Heutkamp (D-ND)

As I said, more details are forthcoming over the weekend but the general plan seems to be unfolding as follows:

  1. The Awan Mess, Hilary’s Book and Obama’s butting into national politics has threatened to keep the Democrats in the minority for a long time. The Russia, Racist and Incompetent arguments are not working. Schumer and Pelosi are realizing that they need to get out of the way or these scandals will threaten them and their party for a long time.
  2. President Trump was not going to be able to get any of his policy objectives met from the Republicans. They are basically holding him hostage until after 2018.
  3. What seems on its face to be a betrayal of his base (although his approval numbers are increasing among his base) is actually no such thing, just among people who want to doubt him in the first place.
  4. The plan forward has three parts I see before or after Trump declares himself an independent.
    1. President Trump agreed to either hand the Senate to the Democrats or at least make Mike Pence the deciding vote.
    2. Within the next six months he will get comprehensive immigration reform. The Wall will be built, the DREAMers will be afforded some level of compromise. The refugee program will be reformed well in Trump’s favor.
    3. Paul Ryan will either be out of the House or the Speaker’s chair but he will not remain.
    4. Trump will get a budget, one his base can live with
    5. Some Democrats will go to jail.

Stay tuned for more…


Is Trump About To Go Rogue

*Originally Posted: July 31, 2017

Anthony Scaramucci has been ousted from the Trump White House. While this could be part of the narrative President Trump’s White House is in disarray, there is a good possibility that something else is afoot.

President Trump is about to go rogue.

There is precedent for what I believe is coming, and the evidence is beginning to grow.

The Theory

The evidence, to me, is pointing to President Trump declaring himself an Independent. He will continue to support the Republican Party, when they work for the American People, but he will free himself up to work with Democrats on issues where he can advance his agenda. He has made a few things painfully clear.

  1. He intends to Drain The Swamp.
  2. No one can be successful staring down the barrel of a gun.
  3. Trump’s history suggests making powerful moves when it seems like he is cornered.

There Is Precedent, Trump Knows This

While news out of New York City (Trump’s stomping grounds) will always make national news, there aren’t many people today who remembered what Mayor Michael Bloomberg did. The similarities between Bloomberg and Trump are eerily close.

Billionaire Michael Bloomberg, a life long Democrat, switched his party affiliation in 2000 to run as a Republican to succeed Republican Mayor Rudy Giuliani. It seemed very smart to do, as Giuliani was credited for cleaning up New York City and turning it around.

September 11th cemented his next moves. In 2005, he won reelection as a Republican, riding President George W. Bush’s coat-tails. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were still popular enough.

Then Bloomberg went rogue.

Realizing that he accomplished all he could as a Republican, and hearing the increasing calls he was not conservative enough, Bloomberg became an Independent in 2007. Citing the ability to work with both parties, he maneuvered between both and implemented his more liberal agenda. He was faulted by both parties and trusted by neither, but the people of New York City were happy with his performance. They liked his ability to cross party lines. He used his wealth to foster his independent image — from from having to trade in on his fame after leaving office.

President Trump was never a Republican. He was a registered Democrat for years, and on many issues he’s more Democratic Republican. He had no path to the Presidency as a Democrat. His policies on Immigration, President Obama, Race Relations and International Affairs put him well outside the Democratic mainstream. He would never defeated Hilary Clinton in a Democratic Primary.

Candidate Trump could only become President Trump was through the Republican Party.

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The Republican, The Democrat and The Independent

More convincingly, Trump saw this work in New York City, and he could easily make it work for the rest of the country.

Trump’s Not the Only Potential Rogue

After the failure to pass Obamacare Repeal, there already is open talk of John McCain, Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski defecting and becoming Independents or Democrats. What they share, along with many members of the Republican Establishment is blind hatred of President Trump.

Should they go rogue and give control of the Senate to the Democrats, the Democrats could focus more energy on retaking the House in 2018.

That would make President Trump more beholden to Republican lawmakers to stave off  a sure impeachment trial and palace coup. The loyalty of his voters aside, the loyalty of the Republican Party would be far less certain. If President Trump started working towards more centrist solutions America faces the Democrats continued boycotting him is to their own peril.

Democrats cannot work with Trump and save face. They could if the President made a bold move towards them on some issues and tossed the Republican Party to the wolves. The Republican Party would commit suicide to pursue impeachment in response. It would pit the Paul Ryan/Mitch McConnell basket against Trump voters.

President Trump has already fulfilled a lot of his promises to the Republican Party and to his voters. His Loyalists already are loving him and hating the establishment Republican Party. The independent Bernie Bros, the Libertarians and the disenfranchised Left can easily get behind a President Trump that is not beholden to Paul Ryan or Mitch McConnell.

Nobody Is Happy With Globalism

Democratic hysteria notwithstanding, the Unions and the middle class are ecstatic to follow President Trump down the nationalist path. Ending trade deals, forging ceasefires in the Middle East, focusing on real threats like North Korea and speaking the truth about Islam are only hated in two places, hardcore meetings of Leftists and college campuses. These are two demographics the Democrats need.

An Independent President Trump will give ALL Centrist Democrats some cover to get away from the Social Justice/Race Baiting wing of the Party and make deals that will put America back to work. President Trump will get a lion’s share of the credit for these policies, but as a man without a Party, both parties can reap the rewards.

There Is Too Much Leverage On President Trump

While Trump’s supporters have no love for party, both parties have too much leverage on the Trump.  The swamp is still too strong. The Democrats will vote in a bloc to impeach him and the Republicans know they are all that stands in the way. Under this scenario, both parties can influence Trump’s decisions too much and the President knows this.

But, it is the Republicans who have the most to lose by an independent President Trump. Because they can’t risk further alienating any of his voters.  That said, they have done a fantastic job of marginalizing any independent voice in the GOP, notably Rand Paul and Ted Cruz.

Both are happy to work with the President on his agenda and cement their independent positions later. If Trump succeeds and wins reelection as an Independent, they can be right there to pick up his torch. If he fails, they remain in a Republican Party that already hates them. Win win for all.

The Swamp Is Being Drained

Trump selected Reince Priebus as his Chief of Staff to play nice with the GOP faithful. It seemed odd he would pick someone so…well Republican, but Priebus stuck up for Trump when he didn’t need to. His pull with Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell probably didn’t hurt.

With Jeff Sessions as Attorney General, Betsy Davos as Secretary of Education and Ben Carson as HUD Secretary, President Trump made sure the Republican Party would be happy.

He also made the Democrats insane.

Now, Trump has had no problem letting go of those same Party faithful, having gotten from them all he can. Planned Parenthood…Funded. Wall…Unfunded. Obamacare…Not Replaced. Tax Cuts…One Day. It seems as if The Swamp Trump  wants to drain is only getting deeper.

Then the moves started to be made. Spicer…Out. Priebus…Out. Comey…Out. Not that all these people represented the Swamp, but they weren’t helping drain it either. Now he is appointing people to their positions which would also appeal to, you guessed it…Democrats. While Jeff Sessions is still recused from Russia and Hilary, Comey is out. General Kelly is in as Chief of Staff. They’ll own Christopher Wray as FBI Director since they will have to vote to confirm him.  These are no nonsense people who give the Democrats cover when they don’t get what they want, and credibility when they do.

The Democrats can work with President Trump on Tax relief for businesses and infrastructure spending. They can work on Healthcare, without necessarily repealing Obamacare but getting rid of most of it.

Most of all President Trump can show he can lead.  And that will give them the peace of mind to come to the bargaining table.

This is an ongoing piece and will update regularly as more evidence comes out.

*Since this writing President Trump has parted ways with Sebastian Gorka and Steve Bannon, has actively campaigned for Senator Heidi Heutkamp (D-ND) and has worked with Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi to advance legislation (the debt ceiling/Harvey Aid) that the Republicans loathe.

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