Trump’s Domestic Agenda, Right on Schedule


For the past two weeks I’ve been telling you that President Trump traded domestic policy for foreign policy with the Neocons in the GOP .  First it was Lindsay Graham touting his Obamacare replacement bill.  Then it was Graham neutering the Democrats by outing former FBI Director James Comey’s flawed investigation into Hillary Clinton’s e-mail server.

To paraphrase the late, great Hans Gruber (Die Hard), “You want miracles?  I give you the FBI.”

To wit:

All of a sudden, tax reform is back on the menu. Disaster relief funds for Houston will be approved. Obamacare repeal will be reintroduced after the debt ceiling theatre-of-the-irrelevant is settled.

The border wall will, however, remain tabled in perpetuity.

Here’s the current front page at as of 3pm EST on September 7th, 2017:

Don’t think there is a connection?  Don’t be naïve.

Now, Trump was able to throw DACA back to the legislature for them to own during primary season next year.

The day before he made a deal with Democratic leadership to push the debt ceiling debate off a few months.


Ah, Domestic Policy Bliss

To pass all of the necessary domestic agenda stuff that Schumer and Pelosi no longer have a leg to stand on.  At some point Trump had to make a deal with the Democratic leadership.  And since he likely has them over a barrel, making a nothing deal over the debt ceiling that was going to be raised anyway it gives him the appearance of the kind of deal-maker he advertises himself to be.

Liberal heads are already exploding, along with Paul Ryan’s.

What I’m talking about is what I told you last month. Trump, Bannon and Rohrabacher were “getting ready to checkmate the Democrats.”  It turns out he didn’t even have to pardon Wikileaks founder Julian Assange to do so, just Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

The threat of Assange releasing everything he has on the DNC was enough to get Schumer and Pelosi to roll over and play ball on the remaining bits of Obama’s domestic policies.

Trump throws them a bone while sticking it to his GOP legislative ‘leadership’ and infuriates everyone who thinks the debt ceiling is anything more than a stupid contrivance designed to be fought over by lawmakers grandstanding for cheap points in off-election years.

That’s not to say that a grand reversal still isn’t in the offing.  Special Investigator Robert Mueller is still out there looking to justify himself by going after Paul Manafort, Trump’s former Campaign Manager, for whatever Mueller can dig up.

Trump can and should now set out to deal with Mueller.

While this guilt-by-association game will play well to the Rachel Maddow set, it will pretty much not matter one whit to anyone still rational with something higher than a room temperature IQ.

Speaking of irrational people Speaker of the House Paul Ryan is acting like a man who knows he has no chance of returning in that role.  He’s become the white-male-privilege version of Maxine Waters in his criticism of Trump.

This is further evidence that someone has to take the fall for this summer’s legislative debacle and Ryan is just the guy to fill that role, along with his cohort in ineptitude, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Domestic Squabbles

With Trump about to run the domestic agenda table, the question now is does he have enough political capital left with his base to primary out those that obstructed it all along?

I would say yes.  A major overhaul of the tax system, repeal of Obamacare (or do I repeat myself) and forcing Congress to own DACA should be enough for Q4.  Looking ahead to Q1 in 2018 we have Trump’s opportunity to literally remake the Federal Reserve from the ground up.

Globalist Gary” Cohn will not replace Janet Yellen.  Vice-Chair Stanley Fischer resigned hours before the debt ceiling deal was announced.  Fischer was brought in to be the hatchet-man and raise rates.

The problem is the economy is doing well because all the chaos in the White House has the dollar at multi-year lows and sinking further despite ECB President Mario Draghi telling the market he will keep on keeping on with the QE for eternity if necessary.

Because Trump’s desire for a weaker dollar is now what’s in play for the next few months.  He’s getting exactly what he wants on that front.  So, it’s all playing out exactly as expected.

All Trump had to do was imperil the world by giving control of foreign policy to the most unqualified people in the world.  Vladimir Putin, however, knows how to deal with them.

And, don’t worry, the wall still will not be built.

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