Trump Warns North Korea Of US Military Response


On Thursday, President Trump threatened North Korea, saying that if they were to attack, a U.S. military response would be “a very sad day for North Korea.”

“I would prefer not going the route of the military, but it’s something, certainly, that could happen,” the President said during a press conference at the White House. “Our military has never been stronger.”

Last weekend, North Korea conducted its most power nuclear test yet, with the communist nation claiming it tested a hydrogen bomb. The test triggered a new round of urgent discussions between the U.S. and allies in the region.

Trump bragged Thursday that the United States’ equipment is “the best in the world.”

He added, “Hopefully, we’re not going to have to use it on North Korea. If we do use it on North Korea, it will be a very sad day for North Korea.”

The President’s comments were made during a joint press conference with Amir Sabah al-Ahmed al-Jaber al-Sabah of Kuwait.

“Military action would certainly be an option,” Trump said of the escalating tensions with North Korea. “Is it inevitable? Nothing is inevitable. It’d be great if something else could be worked out.”

Trump was asked by a reporter if he’d tolerate a nuclearized North Korea that is contained and deterred. He declined to answer, saying: “I’m not negotiating with you.”

“I don’t put my negotiations on the table, unlike past administrations,” he said. “I don’t talk about them. But I can tell you that North Korea is behaving badly and it’s got to stop.”

On Wednesday, the President spoke with President Xi Jinping of China about North Korea’s Sept. 2 test of a “powerful nuclear device.”

With the return of Congress from their August recess, the members of the House and Senate were also briefed on Capitol Hill on Wednesday about the threat from North Korea by Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Defense Secretary James Mattis, Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Joseph Dunford and Director of National Intellience Dan Coats.

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