Devin Nunes is Threatening to Hold The Attorney General and FBI Director In Contempt of Congress For Not Turning Over Dossier Docs

Nunes letterDevin Nunes letter to AG and FBI Director

Representative Devin Nunes (R-CA) is the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. He was pressured into recusing himself from the Russia Investigation. That works out well, because he had other matters to look at. Namely, the root of how this Russia Investigation began, and whether the methods of the investigation were legal. What began this Russia Investigation? Why, a bogus dossier on Trump eventually published by Buzzfeed. In it, the document alleged that the Russians had dirt on Trump and could financially hold him hostage. A bit of dirt was that the Russians had tapes of Trump staying in the same hotel room that President Barack Obama stayed at at one point in Moscow. Trump then hired Russian prostitutes to urinate on that bed. He also apparently went into the bathroom, closed the door, and screamed “I hate black people!”

What sounds like some odd Trump fetish fan-fiction was apparently enough for the FBI, who was willing to pay ex-MI6 Director Christopher Steele for the dossier. The FBI paying for a bogus dossier on a presidential canddiate in the midst of an election is a threat to our democracy, if there ever was any, and Devin Nunes and others want to get to the bottom of it. That is why Devin Nunes issued a subpoena asking for relevant documents and testimony related to the FBI’s pursuit of this dossier.

Those who believe that Representative Nunes has been a lap dog to the Trump Administration and Putin’s Puppet are having their narrative shattered as they scramble to explain this latest letter from Devin Nunes. In it, he demands that documents or testimony relevant to the dossier from a subpoena previously issued on August 24th. If the FBI and Department of Justice fail to comply, the Attorney General Jeff Sessions and FBI Director Christopher Wray (both appointed by President Trump) will have to go before Congress and explain, under oath, why they cannot fully comply. Failing to show, deliver full testimony, and provide relevant documents  could lead to them being held in Contempt of Congress.

You can read the full letter from Devin Nunes here.

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