5 Parallels Leftists Share With Emotional Abusers

5 Parallels Leftists Share With Emotional Abusers

After another exhausting week of dealing with other people’s kids, I sat down this afternoon and just stared at the wall for a while, pondering everything I’d been through the last five days. I’ve dealt with kids who feel entitled to turn in work half completed and still expect to pass my class. I’ve endured calls from parents who are scared that my conservative ideals are “poisoning” their children’s minds. I’ve sat through pointless meetings during which my superiors expect me to bend over backwards to pass students and reward them when they’ve done nothing whatsoever to deserve it. I’ve survived another week under the radar in a self-destructive bureaucracy that celebrates mediocrity and validates the use of emotion over logic, accountability, and common sense.

And I’ve survived incredible physical, mental, and emotional stress at the hands of a system designed from its infancy to breed brainless, emotionally driven sheeple.

Then it hit me, as I stared at that wall. The uncanny similarities. The ways the Left has been emotionally manipulating its followers, much like an abuser does with his/her victims.

If you haven’t been living under a rock the past year and a half, odds are you have, at some point, come into contact with a liberal/leftist (I use the terms interchangeably here). About twenty-five percent of them are actually decent people whose hearts are in the right place, but whose grasp of logic just isn’t firm enough to see how unfeasible their ideals are when put into economic and political practice. The other seventy-five percent? They’re the trolls you deal with on Twitter, the people we see counter-protesting for reasons they can’t/won’t explain, the people you simply can’t risk even engaging with because of the increasing chance of suffering neurodegeneration (the death of brain cells) or actual physical harm. These are the ones in control, the ones whose behaviors parallel emotional abusers so closely it’s almost creepy.

They make you question your sanity.

5 Parallels Leftists Share With Emotional Abusers

Gaslighting, anyone?

Liberals, and those in positions of power on the Left, warp the truth to fit their agenda and claim to be politically sane when they are anything but. And unfortunately for us, they have the mainstream media helping them with this, which make the fight that much more difficult for level-headed individuals.

Emotional manipulators master the art of lying and warping reality to fit their own twisted rendition of the truth. They pride themselves as being the voice of reason when conversing with their victims, and they are so good at it that eventually the victim begins to wonder if he/she might actually be the crazy one for daring to think differently.

They enjoy playing the guilt/shame card.

If you’ve ever engaged with a Leftist on social media, or if you’ve ever searched any anti-Trump hashtag, you’ll notice a barrage of tweets and posts designed to make conservatives and other Trump supporters feel guilty for holding the opinions that they do.

Emotional abusers do the same, constantly doling out guilt and claiming the moral high ground, making you feel as though you are a horrible person. Though Leftists would like to believe they are morally superior to conservatives, the mountain of unborn baby corpses and crumpled vagina hats they’re standing on tells you everything you’ll ever need to know.

They make you out to be the villain.

This ties back in with them playing the guilt and shame cards. It doesn’t get any more obvious than this. In a heartbeat, Leftists will paint you as a despicable human being for voting for, supporting, or even being the slightest bit positive in your outlook toward our current President. They assert that you deserve what happens to you because you support such an “evil, disgusting sexual deviant” and all other such nonsense (c.f. Hurricane Harvey). They assert that you’re disgusting for saying you are pro-life, yet you won’t adopt the children who are not aborted and that starve to death every day. They assert that you’re racist, because you want to keep our monuments from being torn down, or that you’re sexist and a disgrace to women for saying the gender pay gap isn’t real.

They’ll say whatever they have to in order to justify to themselves that, once again, they have the moral high ground. And some are skilled enough at this that they actually sway others to their side.

Abusers make you out to be the villain. It’s how they trap you. It’s how they convince you to stay, to endure more pain at their hands, and to take whatever they dish out, lying down. And the Left has been doing the same thing.

Their actions don’t match their words.

Leftists and emotional manipulators both tend to contradict themselves. They say one thing, and do the exact opposite. Or they stand for a particular cause, yet will make no sacrifices to pursue said cause and instead expect you and others like you to bear the burden of their “moral obligations.”

We refer to this particular brand of cognitive dissonance as “virtue signaling,” and quite a few Hollywood celebrities and famous authors (e.g. JK Rowling) are guilty of utilizing this tactic to garner sympathy and support from their sheep-like followers. Rowling is perhaps one of the greatest examples – she constantly tweets complaints about the British government not doing enough to help the refugees that are ravaging her country, yet can’t seem to spare one of her 18 extra bedrooms to house said refugees.

She does not practice what she preaches. And in a way, it’s quite smart. Because if she did, she’d end up dead in an alley somewhere for coming to the aid of a “helpless refugee.”

5 Parallels Leftists Share With Emotional Abusers

J.K. Rowling’s dishonest antics have lost her loyal readers.

They consistently insult your intelligence.

Manipulators make their victims feel stupid. Much like bullies, they consistently insult your intelligence by implying that the reason you don’t agree with them or see things their way, is because you lack the proper education to do so, or you don’t understand enough about the topic to form any sort of opinion worth acknowledgement. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

This is perhaps the most commonly used tactic, at least in my personal experience. Many of the liberals I’ve encountered on Twitter have resorted to this tactic within the first two tweets of the conversation. They immediately discredit anything you have to say, because you “retweet FOX News” or “retweet InfoWars” or “retweet *insert non-MSM news source here*”. They insult your credentials, call you names, disparage your opinions and troll ‘til Kingdom Come.

It’s how they roll.

So how do you deal with them?

How do you survive the literally unending onslaught of someone out to manipulate you?

It’s simple, really. Stop trying to beat them at their own game. Do not allow yourself to respond emotionally to anything a liberal says or does. You CANNOT get emotional. Because the moment you do, you’ve ceded control to your abuser.

People like this drive you insane, mostly because their behavior is completely irrational. It’s understandable, why you might want to lash out or scream, “What the hell is wrong with you, you idiot?” in their face. Don’t. You only feed their delusion. You only enable them further by resorting to such tactics.

As conservatives, as logically-minded individuals, learn how to distance yourselves emotionally from whatever it is you’re discussing. Approach your interactions with this liberal as if he or she is a science project or a small child you are trying to calm down. Or you can pretend you are this person’s shrink, if you like (that really seems to tick them off).

Respond only to the facts. Maintain vigilant awareness of your own emotions. Validate them, but do not “react” because of them.

Respond. Do not react. Reaction implies like of impulse control. Responding takes analysis. It takes time for the mind to peruse through facts, validate emotion, and gather intel before coming back at whatever statement or action triggered the emotion in the first place.

And I know. It can be fun to “poke the bear,” and trigger a liberal. Trust me. I’ve done this multiple times, just to see how they’ll react. Because they respond emotionally, they almost always flounder for a cogent response to whatever facts you have laid out and will resort to all of the tactics I’ve described here in an attempt to defeat you. So challenge them. Defeat them at their own game, using your own set of rules.

But you also need to know when to walk away. You need to know when not to engage. When you find yourself getting emotional, that’s usually a good indication. Walk away. It’s okay to do that. Do not let them drag you down into their insanity. Do not let them emotionally manipulate you.

Leftists have the keen ability to undermine all that is logical. Do NOT let them get away with it any longer.

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