September 2017

I’m Offended! My Poor, Poor Feels!

Grow the hell up! If you want to respect a flag, go buy one and bathe with it if you have to. Go download the Anthem and put it on repeat while you sleep. But do stop demanding everyone else abide your personal standards.

Religion: Is Humanity Ready For Its Next Evolution?

Perhaps we need to ditch the religious crutch we’ve been clinging to for so long and just accept our next evolution.

The world will, perhaps, be a tad less mystical if we do, but who’s to say an evolution beyond religious dogmas, and servitude to non-existent beings wouldn’t be a healthier step for humankind?

Trump Announces New Tax Plan

Wednesday, President Trump promised extreme tax cuts as he showed off Republicans’ newly unveiled tax reform plan, arguing the push to re-write the tax code…

In Defense Of Flag Burning

America is great because America preserves individual liberty. And every liberty we have can be defended because we are able to speak freely.

There is nothing patriotic about banning flag desecration. 

Merkel’s Rout Weakens all of Europe

No one took the situation in Germany seriously until the votes were cast.  The world was convinced current Chancellor Angela Merkel would walk to a secure result and pick up another four-year term in Germany.  Now her hold on power is up for grabs.