There Is Nothing Western About American Values

Do Not fire Unless Fired Upon, But If They Mean To Have War, Let It Begin Here – John Parker

It is time to finally say it, America has to stop its love affair with Europe. This is true for the Right and the Left.

For those of us on the Right, it has always been easy to refute the Left’s common referral to everything Europe by their linking us through common “Values”. This has given us on the Right our own version of Europe-fellating SJW’s who latch onto “Western Values” to promote their fairy tale ideas of what America should be.

To be clear, and would gladly debate this with ANYONE.: There is no such thing as Western Values when referring to the United States, only American Values.

First, let me address the fallacy Europe is and always has been a cradle of liberal culture that spawned all that is good in the world. It has not.

The legacy of Europe at this point is the export of authoritarian war, discrimination and state control over the lives and thoughts of people. The one thing they do very very well is wrap it up in a veil of righteousness and poetry creating the illusion European culture is superior.

The inclusion of Europe in the classification of our Values, is just a polite way of saying, “We understand you made it necessary for the US to sacrifice untold amounts of treasure and blood to rescue your sorry asses from one of your countless wars waged by one of your megalomaniacs exporting your Values.”

But I digress.

Again, so I can’t be misinterpreted. There is no connection whatsoever between the Values of the West and America’s values. The only time people invoke “Western Values” is when they conjure up some fantasy to curtail a right enshrined only in America’s laws.

Because Europe is a place where money grows on tress, no one ever suffers, the governments can do no wrong, and unicorns graze in the fields, pooping rainbows. Every time a US leader has tried to connect the values of Europe and America, it was to justify a military commitment or to try to convince others to voluntarily surrender some level of freedom.

Here are some examples of the differences between American and European Values.

Freedom of Speech

This is the furthest thing from a “Western Value” there is. It does not exist ANYWHERE but in America. America is the only country that I know of that guarantees Freedom of Speech and Expression BY RIGHT. Every other country in the world, has socially-fueled restrictions on free speech and assembly. Those restrictions are never based on any kind of logical or practical purpose other than to promote policies that normal people would feel the need to criticize.

Europe and the rest of the world impose restrictions on speech and assembly, and criminal sanctions for the violation of those policies, in order to promote political policies that normal people would find morally repugnant.

This is why whenever you find a raging SJW in Europe promoting a policy that will only logically and naturally result in people who disagree with them getting killed, they cite “Freedom of Expression” as opposed to Freedom of Speech. In Europe, Leftists always feel free to “express themselves,” but are the first to criminalize “Speech” as violent and in need of governmental control.

This is the definition of Authoritarianism!

The Founding Fathers, who fought a long and bloody war for freedom (from European Values), knew that America would quickly fall apart unless the smartest and dumbest, the most utopian and cynical among us could always feel confident they could do battle on the field of ideas, not at the tip of a gun.

Enshrining this RIGHT in the Constitution helped guarantee that violence would become a measure of last resort as opposed to a measure of initial dispute resolution. Freedom of Speech has its detractors, but I would rather know that I can battle Neo- Nazis in public than have them organize an army in private. If they can’t speak in public and be refuted for the racist sum they are, they will mobilize for violence in private and only attack when they feel they can win.

The Founding Fathers realized, exactly what I am saying right now.

Freedom of Speech is an AMERICAN Value, not a western one.

To Keep and Bear Arms

This is also the furthest thing from a “Western” value. There doesn’t need to be much proof of this one. Looking at every country in the West (well except Switzerland), you will see that protection of your property and family resides solely with the government.

Except in America.

The USA was founded on many different principles, but the idea of Private Property was a big one. If you can’t own your own land, you can’t be free. It is that simple. You cannot own your own land if you are not free to defend it and your family from those who would invade it — from the simple criminal or the largest (the government).

The Founding Fathers knew that in order to enslave a population you needed to make them helpless.= They decided it was always worth it to preserve what they referred to as the “Spirit of Revolution.”  That a government should fear its people and not the other way around.

Europe is the exact opposite. You are not free to defend yourself, the State will take care of you instead. By the way, thanks for not owning a gun, here are 100,000 savage Muslim refugees to live next door to you. Don’t worry, they don’t rape and murder THAT much…

By the way, if I said that in Europe, I would be sent to prison.

So here we have another truth, protecting your family from intruders and government? American Value, not a Western one.

The Mocking of America

The use of the term “Western Values” makes a mockery of America and is only used to justify repression.

This is something we all need to understand.

The Left loves the term “Western Values” because they know that a vast majority of Americans have never and probably will never go to Europe. So they can pretend things in Europe are Camelot and the only reason we suffer in America is because we have lost our Western Values.

They don’t consider Liberty, Capitalism, Family and Property to be values worth defending, because it weakens their argument for a government that can force you to do what they want. So, they just make things up about Europe, and then accuse their detractors of violating “Western Values”.

You know we need socialized medicine right? It works in Every country in Europe!


In order to have a real debate about socialism, there has to be an open evaluation of the results of where it has been tried. The Right is quick to point out that socialized medicine leads to no ability to seek redress for poor treatment, rationed care, long wait times, governmental control over availability of medicine and treatment options, death panels and massively increased taxes.

There is a reason why Europe is headed for a major sovereign debt crisis, and they have achieved this without even paying for their own defense (we have come to Europe’s rescue so many times they just expect it at this point).

If you don’t want this for your family, if you want the ability to access more or less healthcare based on need and ability to pay for it, then you are out of luck in Europe. In fact, if you want real healthcare in Europe, and you have the money, you can just hop on a plane to the US and experience some real healthcare.

Oops, there goes my affront to Western Values again, I hate that.

Western Values Aren’t Just for Insipid Lefties

But here is the kicker, the right has its own infiltrators and pathetic SJWs. Turn on the TV, they are all over the place. Richard Spencer, David Duke and their merry crew LOVE to talk about “Western Values”or Western Culture.” They like to remind everyone that Germany was an ideal culture and society before the racially “different” people got their way.

There is no available metric where they can prove it so they spin a fairy tale. “Western Culture” is the only thing that can counter the “other.”  Then comes the familiar cry, “Just look at European history.” They can’t point out American history.

America has ALWAYS, from the day it was born been a multicultural society. There were blacks, whites, Hispanics and natives from day one. Were some treated way worse than others?  Of course, but that’s beside the point.

The only way they can make their argument for wanting to transform America in a white-ethno-state is to look at a fantasy of Europe’s past, when everyone was white, they all hated Jews, and somehow if only Hitler had been allowed to succeed we would have seen the world made better.

It is time for us to knock this stuff off and remember, America is an ideal, and it based on a concept of universal freedom and liberty. Stand up for American ideals and let’s knock this love affair off  with the train wreck that is Europe.

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