Breaking: Gorka Says MAGA Agenda is Alive and Well, Trump Holds All The Power

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On Conservative radio host Michael Savage’s Show “Savage Nation,” former Assistant to the President, Dr. Sebastian Gorka, has changed the course of all Trump-related news in conservative circles. Dr. Gorka had recently been fired from his position at the White House, in a role in which he advised the President on national security manners relating to Jihad. Gorka had also declared himself the President’s “attack dog” to go after and take on the mainstream media (just watch a few of his interviews, you will see he does well.) Now, what he has said gives Halsey News, The Conservative Treehouse, and other outlets a bit of leverage because they did not fall into writing sensationalist headlines like other clickbait outlets believing that National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster, Gary Cohn Jared Kushner, The Globalists, or whoever was undermining Trump from within his administration. Their argument made some sense: Trump’s Afghanistan Policy is not clear, the military industrial complex didn’t have much complaining to do after his announcement; Steve Bannon is a nationalist and left his position at the White House, and now it seems the last person who truly believed in the “MAGA Agenda,” Dr. Gorka, was fired.  I was about to start joining them. Maybe those anonymous sources talking of H.R. McMaster’s connection to Soros were insanity, but something didn’t feel right. However, the fired man himself, Dr. Gorka, did not hide. While many expecting to bash the administration and the forces working to undermine it like in his resignation later, Gorka did the opposite. He told the world, on Trump-loyalist Michael Savage’s extremely popular radio show, that he spoke to the President. The agenda is moving forward, and he and Bannon are on the front lines ready to fight for Trump.

President Trump gave his former employee assurances that the agenda is moving forward. It is moving forward, and this is war. Gorka then put to bed the idea that President Trump, the man we claimed is genius, constantly playing “4D Chess” to get into office and move his agenda forward, has been bamboozled by the very people he picked to lead his administration. Gorka said that President Trump is the most powerful man in the world, and the only one who in the end has power in the administration. This means that there is much to believe that these administration shake-ups and apparent inter-administration rivalries are nothing more than a smokescreen while the MAGA Agenda moves forward, and foreign policy genius takes place. The Mainstream Media and The Democrats will chase after these apparent weaknesses and chaos, like a dog after a bone.

Of H.R. McMaster, Gorka said that he respects General McMaster and his service to this country. However, Gorka believes that McMaster’s experience, working with Muslim leaders in the field, may cloud his judgement a bit on how to handle the Jihadi threat. Gorka has already said that no one is undermining or able to undermine the President. This means that McMaster’s slight disagreements while holding a non-leadership role on the National Security Council is no threat to the MAGA agenda. It is simply that, a disagreement. The core of Trump’s base hears you loud and clear Mr. Gorka, the administration has not been hijacked, it simply looks that way so that the mainstream media and clickbait Alt-media will look the other way while the agenda goes through.

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