No Trump? No USA? How About Helping People?

No Trump? No USA? How About Helping People?

There is real suffering happening in the wake of Hurricane Harvey’s first pass over southern Texas. And it is happening as the Left escalates their drive to purge our history and weaken any sense of community for the most cynical of political reasons.

And it is that loss of community that is the real goal of the Left. In recent protests Antifa’s marching chant, “No Trump, No KKK, No Fascist USA” has morphed into “No Trump, No Border Wall, No USA at all.”

The masks are coming off as they reveal themselves to be naked destroyers of both culture and community. This is not about taking down the system. It’s about purging anyone who isn’t them from the community.

But, what’s their end goal?

I’m a anarcho-libertarian, an adherent to the non-aggression principle (NAP). This means I don’t believe the State has a moral right to exist in any form because it violates the NAP through the application of force to enforce its edicts. The classic definition of anarchy is simply the lack of centralized authority, which flows from the NAP.

Therefore, by definition, anarchists believe in power of peaceful interactions because we reject the initiation of force to achieve our political or social goals.

The State has the power to enforce its laws through violence. It is the source of violence in the society from which most other violence spreads.

Violent government interventions and regulations destroy people’s ability to interact peacefully without one gaining an unearned (not unfair) advantage in that transaction, no matter how subtle.

Those advantages build up over time, multiplying themselves through the society to roll wealth up into the managing class, the political class who then hands out favors to their corporate friends and that’s what sows the seeds of civil unrest and societal breakdown.

When you get screwed over in a thousand little ways every day and your family’s well-being is threatened it mints new radicals.

It’s what turns a normal family man into someone who shoots at Republican congressmen playing baseball.

It’s what turns disenfranchised college kids into hyper-ventilating, noradrenaline-addicted protesters; beating people with bike locks and throwing bags of their own feces at ‘fascists.’

I saw this tendency in myself and rejected that path years ago. Do these things anger me? Of course. Will it lead me to take up arms and shoot people? No.

Violence is the state’s way. For anarchists, Antifa are really bad at practicing it.

This is why I choose, in my own small way, to live my life as free as possible from that system. This, to me, is the very definition of community. By trading openly and honestly with people in words, ideas, goat cheese and yogurt, I do what I can to strengthen my community both local and digital through the honest application of my will and time.

Antifa are supposed to be anarchists. They say they are fighting for the community. So, what’s their end game?

How are their violent attacks on people and their property helping to build the world they say they advocate?

And who is the target of their hate? White supremacists? Fascists? Nazis? Anyone who disagrees with them is labeled one of these things which then justifies any amount of violence against them.

If you are a leftist that believes in anarchy using violence to tear down a violent regime doesn’t build a better world.

Nothing grows in poisoned ground.

So, when I look at the tremendous response by people to assist those devastated by Hurricane Harvey I see a great opportunity for Antifa to put their time where their masks are. If you care so much about what’s happening in this country, why don’t you take that $25 an hour George Soros is paying you to show up and distribute food and water to the displaced and the homeless?

Those ‘fascist’ white guys you hate so much are doing so. They’re called the Cajun Navy and they immediately hitched up their bass boats, jumped in their CO2-spewing pickup trucks and headed to Texas to repay the kindness showed to them during Katrina and other recent storms.

Does it make me sick to know that some people are faking their distress calls to try and rob these guys? Of course. Does the national media hail these people as heroes? No.

It just shows you again how far we have fallen thanks to the State’s gradual destruction of both capital and society through war, inflation, taxation and murder… in short, theft.

Fascist Wal-Mart will be on hand with truckloads of food and water, helping to coordinate the assistance. During Katrina, never forget, that it was FEMA that was wholly unprepared for the crisis and couldn’t handle the tremendous outpouring of support from the hated evil-profiteers of the private sector.

This is what community looks like folks.

This is what anarchy looks like. It is a force so powerful it builds the tremendous wealth necessary to assist and then rebuild the world after it collapses.

It does this simply because people respond to the needs of others knowing some of it will be remembered tomorrow and paid forward. You say you want a revolution? Well, you know? It starts with dropping the club and extending your hand.

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