Charlottesville: Rising Antifa Violence A Sign Of Coming Deadly Clash

Charlottesville: Rising Antifa Violence A Sign Of Coming Deadly Clash

What’s it going to take to stem the escalation of violence spawned by the anarchist left? One of these days a truly deranged person is going to kill a so-called Nazi. Go ahead and watch a few videos on YouTube or Vidme. You’ll soon spot among the agitating Antifaesque crowds the few truly unhinged glassy-eyed travelers.

We see how, this past Sunday in Berkeley, when anarchists draw a bead on someone, this becomes confrontation. The cry goes up, Nazi! In no time the gang is judge and jury as it turns to physical assault. The herd mentalities kick in and why not, they think, let’s punch some Nazis!

Will these black-masked pawns provoke murder? I am not ignoring the terrorist attack in Charlottesville. A madman in a car took a young innocent life. I hope Heather Heyer’s murder is the tragic sign that brings restraint. But I am wondering when a melee will result in a very public on-camera slaughter of someone wearing a MAGA hat.

A friend asked where these social justice warriors get their fuel. Like many people, she thought the internet was the primary “cause” (she’s not at all a political person). Canadian State News (+/-99.5% of all made in Canada news) likes to cite “radicalization over the internet” but only as the nexus of all things alt-right.

There is this cabal of anti-enlightenment intellectuals, Marxists and neo-Marxists who reject objective truth. Beside them stand radical feminists, and cultural relativists, to name a few. Journalists lean pretty hard to the left. The mass-media narrative, broadly speaking presents the view that Western liberal values, capitalism, and meritocracy are sources of oppression.

This is why, in my opinion, when media refer to Antifa (or a BLM, etc.) as counter-protestors it is to elevate one side to a morally superior position. Just last week, there was to be a panel discussion at Ryerson University entitled Stifling Free Speech on Campus. A slate of outspoken thinkers was to appear: Dr. Jordan Peterson of U of T, and Professor Gad Saad of Concordia among them. However, Ryerson officials without warning cancelled the event alleging “campus safety” to be a “priority over free speech.” In other words they caved to the fascists.

The very groups that claim to want endless diversity oppose diversity of thought. These forces want to silence you and are willing to crush your every freedom to reach their goal. We see this repeated across our society. Whether America or Canada the censorship palpable, though much more entrenched in Canada.

Now shift gears to the legacy media where journalists lean pretty hard to the left. This ideological bent informs their narrative that our western liberal values including capitalism and meritocracy are sources of oppression.

We saw before Charlottesville, the media refer to one side as alt-right; white supremacists; Nazis and KKK. However the club wielding Antifa were called counter-protestors. As if counter-protestor is even a thing, but the term attempts to elevate one side to a morally superior position: good versus evil.

Sloppy reporting is one thing, spin is another. How is the typical consumer of mass-media to know the truth when “news” is so skewed? Consider the goals of radical groups. At the extreme edges of both left and right they want to create a different society. When you factor in the evidence, the MSM prefer only one side of that spectrum. That’s a huge problem for free thinking people.

The thing about ideologues is their behavior in some regards is all too predictable. Fortunately, more people are waking up to the lies, the censorship, and the political bias. We’re getting pretty sick of hearing half the story.

It’s a huge chunk of what has brought us here. We see how Marxists have filled the minds of naïve kids (and adults!) with their nihilistic worldview. The SJW zombie armies are in the street, reason has been abandoned and they are ready to burn everything down.

Rising Antifa violence is a sign of coming deadly clash. Before that occurs the legacy media needs to stop covering for masked anarchists. I ask again, what trigger will escalate the violence and more people die? I mentioned the crowd becoming judge and jury, permission to punch out Nazis. Will someone decide to be the executioner? My fear is at one of these clashes that unhinged glassy-eyed creep is going to kill, not an actual Nazi, but a kid wearing a MAGA hat.

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