YouTube Attacks: Joy Villa and Kaya Jones Targeted


Google, long known to be manipulating search results to subtly target conservatives and their views, has now allowed its subsidiary, YouTube, to go on a censorship Jihad against conservative artists and broadcasters. In the last week, Conservative singers Joy Villa and Kaya Jones have seen their YouTube accounts come under fire. This should frighten all freedom loving people, not just those on the Right. Here’s what we know as of now.

Joy Villa

Luckily, I had the privilege of interviewing Joy to speak about her new video, and I have a copy of the song at the end of the interview. If YouTube finds some way to still ban her, you can still see the video above. You Tube sent Joy an email saying she had 24 hours to take down the video for her new song Make America Great Again, do to a complaint issued by someone in the video who doesn’t want their likeness shown on YouTube.

This sounds innocent enough, a person who was in the video told YouTube they don’t want to be shown and YouTube gave Joy the ability to blur out the person and continue to host it on YouTube. Just look a little deeper, and it becomes much more sinister.

  1. They wouldn’t identify who it was who complained in the video, so in order to comply Joy would have to blur out the faces of EVERYONE in the video that isn’t herself!
  2. They openly stated that they didn’t care if she had written proof that EVERY person in the video gave their permission to be shown. YouTube would rather enforce a “Muh Feelings” complaint than a legally executed contract.
  3. There is no way to appeal. YouTube stacks the deck against Joy by giving her two options, blur out the people in her video at her own expense, or risk losing her YouTube account all together.

This is the letter they sent Joy:

YouTube Letter

Kaya Jones

Kaya released her newest single, What The Heart Don’t Know more than two weeks ago and last week she released the video on YouTube. In listening to the song, it has the feel of a typical love song (see my review of it here) and the response to it has been amazing. When Kaya released the video, it was obvious that song had a pro military bent. The video shows images depicting a military spouse, crying as she is sending off her soldier spouse to war. This is not a controversial topic, but we have to remember, Kaya has been all over the media lately showing her support for President Trump and conservative causes. Kaya posted to social media that her fans could give her a great gift for her upcoming birthday by getting her new video to 100k views and in 3 days she was already at 61k views. Until she wasn’t.

Kaya and her manager noticed a few hours later that the amount of views was shrinking, going to 60k, 59k and eventually landing on 58k for a while. This isn’t comments it is views. They also were promoting Katy Perry’s video right next to Kaya’s even though the two have no relationship. The views have since climbed back up and have passed 74k, but not until, ironically, Kaya and Joy Villa did a Periscope video talking about YouTube Censorship.

There have been many more conservatives and Libertarians lately who have complained about YouTube and Google suppressing their views. Recently Professor Jordan Petersen found himself completely locked out of his YouTube account and has been given dozens of reasons by You Tube as to why.

This is blatant targeting of people for their political views. This is the search monopoly using their monopoly to stifle political views they disagree with. Can anyone say Sherman Antitrust Act?

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