Intentionally Hidden Dangers in Electronics


In this day and age it’s safe to assume that most people in the world have some form of electronic devices in their homes, if not a cell phone in their purses or pockets. However we have become the lab rats for a tech experiment conducted by our own government with the collusion and coercion of the corporate cabal. No tests were performed on these devices to make sure they are safe for humans to own, touch, use and carry on their person. We all know that it takes radio frequency waves to keep the information flowing in and out of our wireless devices. But none of us know the effects these have on our minds and bodies, and this is without a doubt by design. Here are a few pieces of information on what we are dealing with here.

Firstly- electronics have had repercussions on our society that most people have not seen coming. There are negative effects on our health that are directly linked to gadget usage. There is a condition called Computer Vision Syndrome. Symptoms include: blurred vision, eyestrain, irritation and blurred vision. This stems from spending significant time in front of a computer screen. Doctors who have studied causes of insomnia have pointed to illuminated smart phones and computer screens for some time as a cause of sleep problems. The light from the screens of these devices can prohibit sleep, since sitting in front of them for hours can mess with your Melatonin levels- the hormone that regulates sleep and waking cycles.

The digital lifestyle is also not conducive to being physically active. The Neilson Company found that families were spending eight hours and sixteen minutes on average with their televisions on everyday during 2006-07. Listening to music or podcasts with headphones can lead to permanent hearing loss if not used at a reasonable volume. Driving while texting, talking on the phone, or even talking with a hands-free device raises the chance of an accident by four to eight times.

In the settings on any new IPhone under the legal heading is the amount of RF that the particular device puts out. However, the paragraph states that the specific absorption rate -SAR- depends on the person using the device- and how fast each unique person may absorb RF- radio frequency. They boast that testing is done with the RF as high as possible, measuring what the effects are when an individual holds the phone next to his head with no separation. Then directly after that it recommends that the user use the speaker phone during calls or the headphones provided with the device in order to reduce the effects of RF. Also that your phone should be carried at least five milliliters from the body to keep the levels at or below the test levels. Metal pieces in the case of the device may actually change the level of output- increasing the RF levels.

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So think about this. When we use our cell phones they are usually up right against our heads, the same way we would use a landline phone. However, a landline phone is tame and safe compared to these devices. If we don’t have it right against our heads, then most of us keep it in our pockets. Right next to the genitals. Men with testicles, women with ovaries, it makes no difference- you’re frying your sperm and egg count with RF.

The people who created and manufactured these devices knew how harmful they were. It’s a well known fact that Steve Jobs and Bill Gates have strict rules in place keeping cell phones and other harmful tech gadgets safely away from their children and out of their hands. This was found out more recently than the years the first smart phones came out and were basically pushed onto us and our children with no warning of the harmful effects of RF exposure.

According to a report by the Naval Medical Research Institute- NMRI- that was completed on October fourth, 1971, there were more that two-thousand different biological responses to radio frequency and microwave radiation. Well over two- thousand experiments, studies, tests and reports went into this- up to twenty-three hundred in total.

Here is some of the side effects from the RF put out by all our gadgets- this is just a few.

Heating of the organs, and the entire body- this includes your skin, your blood, your bones and bone marrow. Tubular degeneration of the testicles and ovaries. Heating of the brain and the sinuses. Alterations of the cerebral cortex. Central Nervous System effects- Headaches, insomnia, restlessness. Automatic nervous system effects. Psychological disorders include- Neurasthesnia- just a generally bad feeling. Depression, impotence, anxiety, loss of concentration, hypochondria, dizziness, hallucinations, sleeplessness, insomnia, increased irritability, decreased appetite, loss of memory, scalp sensations, increased fatigue, chest pain, trembling of the hands. Changes in blood and bone marrow, cholesterol and lipids change and mutate. Enzyme and biochemical changes, changes to proteins, toxins, fungus’, and viruses in the body. Alterations in the rate of cell divisions, metabolic and gastrointestinal disorders. Genetic and chromosomal changes, miscellaneous effects, changes in optical activity, loss of hair, brittleness of hair, sensations and buzzing vibrations and tickling felt around the head and the ears. Again this was all discovered and known back in the 1970’s, and yet this is the first time we are hearing any definitive evidence of what the effects of RF are- put off, onto and into us.

The current number of cell phone owners today is 4.7 billion, and more phones are sold everyday than there are people being born.

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There has been a massive change to children and teenagers over the last generation due to increased use of these devices. There is compelling evidence that the devices we are placing in our children’s hands are having profound effects on their lives and making them seriously unhappy. Most data suggests that the more a young person is engaged with these devices, the more unhappy he becomes. Teens that spend more time than average on screen activities are more likely to be miserable, while young ones who did activities away from their smartphones were much happier. Not a single exception, all screen activities are linked to less happiness. Today, teens are less likely to date, so there is less sexual activity. For teens that may be a good thing, but what about learning to drive and owning their first car? Teens today have no interest in what used to be a symbol of adolescent freedom, as drivers among their age groups decline every year. The number of eighth graders that have paying jobs has been cut in half. The constant presence of the internet, particularly social media is changing the behavior and attitudes of our youth. They are no longer hanging out with friends, not in a rush to learn to drive, less dating and interaction with the opposite sex which is leading to the decline in reproduction. Teens today are generally more lonely and less likely to get enough sleep. Connections between depression and smartphone use is strong enough that parents should not buy their kids smartphones, and if they do, should limit their time on those devices.

In all seriousness, if you were to give advice on raising a child that included this survey, the message would be very straightforward. Put down the device and walk away- for most of the day, if not for a few days at a time.

Think about where the tech age is going with this- holograms and augmented reality where you can view the world through your cell phone on what is considered an enhanced experience, as opposed to reality itself.

Remember- people born after 1995 have never experienced a life without these devices surrounding them. They have no idea what it’s like to operate in a life without the constant distraction of the internet.

People in my generation, Gen X, received our first smart phones at an age somewhere between twenty-five and thirty. (I had one of those brick phones at twenty-two, back in 2000, that you had to buy minutes for- but that hardly counts since that dinosaur of a phone had no texting ability, frankly no ability at all beyond phone calls. A stupid phone if you will. We still don’t know the RF factor on those older devices.) During this period in the early two-thousands, my teenagers were getting their first smart phones. Now in 2017 preschoolers have them, their unknowing parents thinking this will be good for the child’s well being- when nothing can be further than the truth. As time goes on, the kids getting these gadgets are younger and younger, and the devices are becoming stronger and stronger.

Dr. Elizabeth Plourde, CLS,NCMP, PhD expressed concern over the number of children adversely affected by cell phone use.

“If they make it to thirty or forty years- I’ve gotten concerned, I really am. The brain cancer has a ten year lifetime. So it takes ten years for the brain cancers to show up, and there is no doubt.. I have parents who have told me that their teenagers already have brain cancer, from sleeping with their cell phones. As well as the kind of damage..” she said gesturing with her left hand around her face and head in a circular motion, “when you’re losing every part of your brain, it’s almost impossible to project what the outcome is gonna be of these poor kids. We already have so many with Autism or ADHD, it kills the cells in our gamma, making the gamma amino butyric acid which is our calming neurotransmitter, so we lose major cells in the brain that make that.. People are outta control, people are losing it because we are so gamma deficient. Alzheimers, and Autism patients are gamma deficient. With the electric cars coming now, the amount of radiation in our cars today is huge. I’ve heard from so many people who can’t get in a car with GPS, and can’t get in a car with the blue tooth activated, they get so sick they can’t drive it. I had one of my doctors who couldn’t even drive one of these new cars, he had to take it back, and they gave him his money back because he got so sick in it. After that he bought a meter so he could measure the radiation coming off all of these cars to determine which one had the least amount. He had said that the radiation is not only in the car but there is a radius of ten feet around the car. So while we are driving down the road we are getting impacted by the radiation of every car around us, and then when you are inside of the car, this is called the Faraday Cage Effect, the radiations bounce around inside of the car with you and your cell phone inside- this is dangerous because it’s creating even more danger to our bodies, especially when using a cell phone inside of a car. The best thing you can do while traveling is to take the battery of the cell phone out if at all possible. Since they got rid of all the pay phones, this is the only option. But so many cell phones today cannot have the battery removed. Even if the phone is just shut off, it still updates and configures GPS, so the radiation is still bouncing around you while you think you have it off. I’m very concerned about our children riding around in these cars, their little brains are being very impacted by this. We have got to protect our brains in these cars. I get people calling me saying they cannot ride in a car anymore, and especially the electric cars. I’m getting young people telling me: dizzy, vertigo, nausea in an electric or hybrid car. I even had one doctor say that his kid would always throw up in an electric car, but not in a gasoline powered car.”

Sounds like the effects of radiation poisoning and chemotherapy.

“Even if you have an older car, you may not be exposed to it by your own car, but you will still be exposed to every other newer car on the road. I’ve searched high and low to find a study if they’d ever tried to put a human being in an electric car before they came out- I could never find any such study. When I have a patient that has become so sick he cannot even operate his electric stove, the turning point for that person was always after they purchased an electric car, it was all downhill for them after that.”

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Dr. Plourde is aware and reinforcing the fact that we are the lab rats for these devices. Whatever the effects are, for better or worse, we will be stuck with the end result, as most people have so little iodine in their systems, the thyroid particularly, they end up getting radiation poisoning to the point of cancer, organ failure and death.

It is our responsibility as parents and older adults to search these dangers out and consider the effects they have not just on us, but on our children- the future of the human race. Technology is springing up and growing at a pace, much faster than our understanding of how to use it properly. We need to recognize how much havoc these gadgets can wreak on our health.


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