Antifa Website Published A How-To Guide On Starting Anarchist Clubs On Campus


An anarchist website published an article encouraging, and even guiding, college students to start their own Antifa organizations on campus.

The article gives readers a first-person point of view of one anarchist college student who started an anarchist group at the University of North Carolina.

“It’s that time of year again, when students head back to school. With the government lurching towards tyranny and fascists killing people on the streets, it has never been more pressing to organize on campuses to promote self-determination and collective defense against oppression,” the author states.

The article continues, “If you are a student yourself, now is the time to lay your plans—whether that means founding a formal student group, coordinating an informal network, or at least preparing to distribute literature. To do our part, we will be publishing a series of articles exploring different examples of student organizing.”

The extended piece tells the story of the students’ attempts at setting up a campus anarchist group called “The UNControllables.”

The author adds that “the radical student groups I had encountered turned me off—they were short-lived carousels focused on intra-university reforms. I wasn’t invested in democratizing the university; I wanted to loot it and redistribute its resources for revolutionary purposes.”

The article also gives details about how to file paperwork to be recognized as a student group, as well as how to get student government funds and even how to organize a “Radical Rush Week.”

Radical Rush Weeks are to be organized with a zine called a “Disorientation Guide.” They also post an example to show the reader what one actually looks like.

The author, with a disappointed tone, writes about the fact that the club ended up being mostly white, which they “eventually had to reckon with.”

While extreme-left organizations on college campuses are nothing new, there are signs that a shift in intensity and frequency of such groups organizing has occurred.

A protest on UC Berkeley’s campus of Milo Yiannopoulos in February turned violent, with Antifa and communist protesters lighting fires, breaking windows, assualting innocent bystanders, and pepper spraying women.


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