The West Doesn’t Care About Terrorism


We need to talk. The west doesn’t care about terrorism and someone needed to say it.  This week alone, we have seen terror attacks in Spain, Finland, Russia etc and those are just the major ones. That doesn’t count your neighborhood beheadings, and acid attacks. This week’s events like the one in Spain where 13 people died and dozens were ran over and injured barely was a blip on the news cycle. The media is too worried about suspected white supremacist terrorist’s to mention ISIS mowing people down for walking down the street. No matter how many people are dead or how many people are hurt all the mainstream media and the left care about and even the right is not being called racist. Run your mother over? Blow your child up? Stab your best friend to death who cares?! Better to be dead than an evil, racist, bigot. At what point will not dying or having your loved ones die be considered a priority over fear of being labeled some form of a bigot?

The truth is Americans and the rest of the wests don’t really care about terrorism. We care about our image until it is someone we know. It has gotten to a point where even if it is someone we know or ourselves we are always seeking forgiveness or to understand when we shouldn’t. We are weak.  We suffer from chronic altruism and a need to solve the world’s problems. There is a time for righteous anger; a time to say enough is enough. If we really cared about terrorism would we continue to leave our borders unguarded in Europe and let mass amounts of fake refugees flood over the border and pay them welfare to plot jihad against us? Would we flood airports screaming no to a ban against having the country filled with people who come from countries that are known hot beds of terrorist activity? Would we hold vigils and start a cry, pray, change the lights and repeat cycle every time a 10 year old is broken in to tiny pieces by a terrorist? The answer should be no to all these questions but it isn’t. We don’t care if our neighbors kid is blown up, we are numb, most are blind, and worse, most are selfish. We are selfish because we don’t want to be an outcast. We don’t want to speak out and speak up and point out the obvious, like radical Islam is killing people and we are aiding and abetting in it.

I know we are in a place where we get threatened to be killed for talking about the obvious. We are living in a time where discussing the root cause of terrorism gets you killed unless you discuss two people killed via “white supremacy,” versus thousands killed by radical Islam you are a “hateful,” person and will be burned at the stake. We are this generation’s witches, the blasphemers. We tweet our hopes and prayers for the dead and we turn on TV and continue on with our day saying diversity is our strength and we are all one big happy family. I have been asking why we can’t wake up to this. Why no one wants to admit to the truth and I have realized we are awake, only many just don’t care. They care far more about keeping up with the Jones’s, about not being labeled islamophobic, racist or xenophobic than whether or not we are doing enough to stop the reoccurring and expediting terrorism in our own backyard.

This applies to all our domestic terrorists too, like Antifa, or any other terrorist organizations that burn, loot, mace, beat, stab and kill people or ruin lives and businesses. I know many cannot speak out because they will lose jobs or careers but at some point we need to call a spade a spade as a country even if we can only do so anonymously. We are so vain, numb and removed that we care more about ourselves than the mass murdering of our people, the mass rape of our women and children and the destruction of our own countries, lives, and freedoms.  The time has come to stop being concerned about what others may say and fight back non-violently. Don’t let potential terrorists in the country; don’t welcome it with open arms. Don’t back and shy away from domestic terrorist organizations and those doing wrong in your own communities. The less we care about terrorism the more of us are dying. It’s only escalating. Its time to care about all the little girls of Manchester, all the families in Spain, the survivors in Paris and not just light up a monument and move on. Lets choose to really care about terrorism. Lets choose to live.

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