The Natural Product Of Identity Politics Is Charlottesville’s Misery And Death


The anxiety racked American psyche suffered another violent and bloody breakdown in Charlottesville Saturday. One more break from common sense and rule of law. This is still a post-Obama America, the Republic to which Hillary felt an entitlement, now seized by daytime skirmishes that tilt to civil war, and the unseen hand of the Deep State toiling to unseat President Trump.

Could it have gone any other way? Not in this galaxy. Not with a concentrated media in control of the conversation. Not with a corrupted university system of indoctrination over education. Not in the age of GoogleFacebookTwitter algorithms.

The fastest way for dark forces to advance against freedom is to disrupt the routine of law abiding people and instill fear, uncertainty and doubt. That’s what riots do. That’s also what the anti-Trump forces are doing today. Change is always preceded by widespread unrest. Conflict was, in my opinion, Obama’s agenda; division, racial tension, and classism.

Consider the dangerous and ludicrous concept of the postmodernists: the idea that an individual’s political beliefs are encoded in their skin color (or gender, or gender expression, or race). This is the lunacy sold on college campuses to fuel social justice. You’ve seen how well that’s worked out!

Under neo-Marxism’s rules of engagement peaceful protest is not allowed. For the Left, any suggestion that disparate groups can occupy the same ground, face-to-face, and agree to disagree is fantasy. To advance the so called, “social justice” causes, requires noise, chaos, and a seething mass of unhinged humanities students raging for the cameras.

Sure, you’ve seen this insanity in Baltimore, Ferguson, Berkeley, and the deadly events in Charlottesville. Not all of those the fakenews media dub “counter protestors” are zombified snowflakes. No, there are Soros-paid activist actors hired via Craigslist ads. And you know a protest would be complete without an assortment of the utterly unhinged and wretched.

Protests must be orchestrated to stay on message—modern anarchists hire PR Teams to craft the narrative, run social-media feeds, and dispatch media-releases in-sync with legacy-media “news” cycles. Like the proverbial tree in the forest, with no one around to hear it fall, calm and civil isn’t going to trend.

Just as hundreds of years ago, today there are seditious groups which seek a complete breakdown of civil order in western democracies. Not least among them are Communists, Fascists, Totalitarians, and Technocrats.

Therefore, it can be helpful to wrap your brain around the groupthink that shapes events. That’s when you realize the results of, say, an Antifa, BLM, Black Bloc (SPLC, or Google?) controlled action can only come from a small range of outcomes—all of which will be bad for you.

During Saturday’s CNN pre-riot show—repeated warnings of white-supremacists and Nazis—I didn’t hear mention of Antifa and BLM. No sorry, I’m wrong on that point, the media go to term, and an honorific really, is “counter-protestors”. It’s as if they are following orders, or reading a Hollywood script. Yeah baby, groupthink!

In Charlottesville, after Friday’s tiki-torch march, by early Saturday morning, the warnings of impending violence were obvious. Bottles filled with concrete hurled into a crowd. People armored up, military-style helmets, armed with bats, sticks, guns (Virginia is an open carry State.). Then a blur as the grey car smashed into the crowd. Could it have gone any other way? Sorry, not in this galaxy.

The legacy media and their allies have alluded to, or outright called for a civil war. You haven’t seen serious pushback against such extreme fearmongering. Perhaps that’s because the majority of folks working in journalism, news, and media agree on the same things.

As I’ve already mentioned, the products of agitators preaching anti-logic and anti-science ideas must by definition be terrible. Chief among such ideas is social unrest, destruction of private property, and death. How much death? History would suggest, when given enough years, death on the scale of Stalin and Mao. Genghis Khan killed enough people to measurably affect earth’s climate.

The takeaway after Charlottesville (and before Boston and Gainesville) is that everything I’ve said here is true of white nationalists, white-supremacists, European Identitarians, Jew-haters, Nazis, the KKK and assorted ilk.

Such organizations whose membership is race based, be it: white; brown; or green are vile and dangerous. Each is every bit as deadly to the very idea of the individual, to freedom of thought, and of expression. Identity politics will create only misery, because misery is its central idea, that’s the bloody legacy of Charlottesville.

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Rob McLean
Rob McLean is a regular contributor to Halsey News commenting on Canadian and Global politics. He can be reached at or on Twitter at @DailyRasp.