Alt-Tech and the Right


One day your business has reached over one million dollars in crowd funding for your app, an app running on a platform of being truly free speech and the next day you have been taken down by giant majority Google and banned from their play store. GAB, which describes itself as “ad free social networking,” and a pro free speech platform in an era of leftist tech monopolies has faced pushback this week as Google banned them for violating their “hate speech,” clause. The question is being a pro free speech social media network in and of itself enough to ban an app from the play store or are they punished for the so called “hate speech,” of individuals on they app itself? If they are, and GAB is not just the platform people use as they chose, then wouldn’t rival Twitter also be subject to the same treatment, as any user on Twitter could say something against Google’s “hate speech,” clause.  Of course, we are all aware following the Google “anti-diversity,” memo scandal that Google is inherently leftist in its views.  GAB is just one example of how the left rules tech right now and the need for the right to build more conservative and free speech positive tech platforms.

Another area social media and tech that alt-platforms are becoming more and more necessary to build and replace are crowdfunding sites. Major crowd funding sites like GoFundMe and Patreon have begun to remove users who do not agree with their beliefs, activists and other users or causes they feel do not fall in line with the pro-diversity agenda.  Recently, major right Youtuber Lauren Southern, had her Patreon removed for violating its terms and conditions which was barely negligible in truth but they offered no appeals process or way to fight against the removal effectively cutting off her income stream and stopping her from being able to travel, speak out, or do activism and journalism. Now, she luckily, was able to move to another way of receiving funds after a few days but moves like this risk alienating users who are already setup to give monthly to content creators. They may not return or chose to use another platform to continue their support of a content creator. This particular move rocked Patreon and the greater crowd funding tech world. We have also seen regular Trump supporters like Brittany Pettibone who try to use pages like GoFundMe to simply fund a camera for her Youtube channel shut down for violating terms of service too. Trigger the rise of new right friendly crowd funding sites set to directly compete with GoFundMe, Youtube, etc.

Hatreon, a competitor to Patreon has recently launched and has seen a good enrollment base since it went live. Wesearcher has become the competitor to GoFundMe, while not explicitly right or pro-right it has made the decision not to censor or remove causes that other sites may choose not to allow. Many right wing medical, travel expenses or projects have been funded via Wesearcher making it a rising favorite in the community. A new brand of crowd funding site with a model that comes off as part co-op and part Patreon type service called Counter-Fund has emerged. If the concept is successful, the semi-bargaining power of the group matched with traditional crowd funding has the potential to significantly impact and fund right friendly projects.

Besides GAB taking on Twitter we see other major leftist sites that are near monopolies, so much so as to the point that some are calling for them to be called public utilities  much like your local public broadcasting systems are also being set for attack and rivals are springing up.  While all private businesses have the right to operate and remove users as they see fit, it’s become an obviously anti-right agenda. As Youtube begins demonetizing, removing and banning major right wing presences, other sites like Vidme are rising, offering free speech, and models that are either ad friendly or offer subscription type models allowing users to help fund content they want to support. Youtube has decided to blacklist, D-list and shadowban essentially, many major creators that they believe are thought criminals. Google is becoming the brute police force of the Internet. is coming up against giant Facebook with a pro free-speech and anti-censorship platform and mixing it with a video platform that offers the same freedoms and is beginning to grow rapidly.

We have reached the point where it’s not just a physical war but rather as infamous Alex Jones would say, “ We are in an Infowar.” We are in a war for culture, in a war for minds and a war for access to the free and uncensored flow of information. This war has been tipped in the favor of fake news and leftist agendas for awhile now but the tides are changing as the right builds its own platforms and the everyday person becomes more and more sick of the censorship, anti-free speech agenda being shoved down their throats. We will continue to push forward and to be a counter-narrative to censorship giants like Google, because as Pink Floyd once said otherwise, “All in all you’re just another brick in the wall.”

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