Trump’s Charlottesville Presser: A Lesson in Clarity

Trump’s Charlottesville Presser: A Lesson in Clarity

Donald Trump showed real courage at the now famous press conference where he said what everyone is thinking. One side was deplorable and the other was looking for a fight. Trump knew that Charlottesville was a trap, you can see it on his face as he spars with reporters, saying things he’s been told by his ‘handlers’ not to say.

But he said them anyway.

And the lame virtue-signaling across the chattering punditocracy has reached a fever pitch.

The facts of the day were pretty damning. Pax Dickinson laid it out in his blog on the Daily Caller the other day. In short, Governor Terry McAuliffe ordered a State of Emergency to disband the rally and the Virginia State Police forced the attendees directly into the baseball bat and bags of urine Antifa brought for just such an occasion.

That’s what happened.

And it was nothing more than a setup to put Trump in the position he finds himself in now. He could either disavow a great swath of his base, bowing to cheap political gamesmanship that left people injured and dead, or he could be accused of backing neo-Nazis.

He did nothing of the sort and anyone with brain cells still functioning in their heads knows this.

The fact that we’ve reached this point in our discourse is an indictment of everything about our society.

This is truly who we are not supposed to be.

A bunch of reductionist, noradrenaline-addicted junkies, obsessed with identity politics and virtue-signaling who are making excuses for a bunch of white-middle class kids in black masks beating up a peaceful congregation of odious people.

Our laws and our traditions as Americans were supposed to point to our better angels.

But, no. We are now at the point of excusing physical violence for holding an idea. And the people in the media, the Repug-lican and Democratic parties, who are attacking Trump for saying that there is blame aplenty are now morally culpable for what comes next.

“It Can’t Happen Here”

For most of my life I have argued with liberal friends that what happened in China and other places we studied can and will happen here. They steadfastly refused to accept that argument.

But, we’re here now. Our political class is out there excusing Antifa and Black Lives Matter for their behavior because it is now, “right and proper” to beat up Nazis in America. Not laugh at them and go about our business.

No. Beat them up, violating their civil rights. It’s okay to violate the personal rights of people you disagree with.

That holding an idea in your head is violence.

That holding the wrong political ideology means you deserve not to make a living, c.f. Google.

That shameful periods in our history have to be eradicated in the name of ideological purity. I can tell you that there are very few people in this country ready and willing to be frog-marched to the next Cultural Revolution by a bunch of emotionally-stunted twenty-somethings and their enablers in the power structure.

These things don’t work when the peasants have guns.

It’s sad to say that it’s come to this but this is not going to end well. Antifa and other groups like it are being stoked to violence, bussed in to be martyrs in the Oligarchy’s desperate attempts to hold onto power and bring about a One World Government.

Oh, but it is Happening

Trump stood up at that press conference, went off-script, and told his people, the middle-class which is becoming further left behind by a generation of sanctimonious Baby-Boomers’ grand plans of social engineering, that he’s not going down without a fight.

And it will work. Trump is at his best when he shoots from the hip and lets his passions fly.

It infuriates a cowering class of media-obsessed whores in Washington who value image more than truth. Trump knew what he was doing when he condemned Antifa. He knew it might cost him in the short run.

It might even cost him getting impeached as everyone in Washington abandons him.

But, he did it anyway. And now, more than last week, I feel that if this were to happen things in this country will explode to a level of violence we’ve not seen since Robert E. Lee.

I sincerely hope it doesn’t come to that. But, given the egregious behavior of everyone involved in taking down Trump, I no longer have any doubts about the depths of their depravity.

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