Hoarders: You Cannot Be Angry At Your Own Clutter!

Hoarders: You Cannot Be Angry At Your Own Clutter!

Remember that show Hoarders? I never watched it but am familiar enough with the concept. A person just saves and stashes all sorts of nonsense, grouping it into one or more rooms, and it overtakes their life in many ways. I actually see a lot of this on the left. And not just the regular left, but more like that alt-left about which President Trump spoke – the social-justice-warrior left, the Antifa left. These weird bastards have taken it upon themselves to group every white person—who isn’t Team Bernie, at least—into the same Nazis-only room, and they have created quite the clutter!

Now the room is spilling over, and the left wonders why…

This is not hyperbole in the least. Ever since Trump first announced his run, we have heard how all white people supporting him were racists. We heard this from the scared-of-words-and-need-a-hug white college kids all the way up to the likes of famous author Toni Morrison. The gist of it: All whites who do not agree with us are racist. Then those whites became eviler and eviler, now being Nazis. Yes, literal Nazis, according to the left.

Being reasonable and logical are things of which this portion of the left have never been accused. Hysterically crying babies expecting every single whim in their lives to be sated by servants wearing a smile? Sure. Logical and strong-willed and intellectually honest enough to judge people fairly? Never that, though; they are far too hypocritical for that. They can group together in literal cry circles and demand you call them by any one of endless made-up pronouns, while avoiding any and all “microaggressions” like asking someone where they’re from or complimenting them for using English well. They can literally burn free speech and claim that people who disagree with them are evil enemies whose opinions should not be allowed voice. Though if you don’t agree with them, you deserve to be punched in the streets, hit with bike chains, set alight, pepper sprayed, trampled and stomped, and maybe even shot on a baseball diamond. You cannot disagree with them, but they can discriminate against you all day.

What they cannot do, no matter what, is act honestly, logically, or even the least bit rationally.

I mean, think this through in context, just a little bit. We’re not taking a test on quantum physics here; just a quick exercise in basic rational thought. Be the alt-left: Group every single white person together into a horde of worthless junk for years on end. So long as you’re white and not part of their gender reveal party with two-hundred-twenty different colored balloons, or if you’re not wearing an “I’m Sorry for Slavery” t-shirt, you are literally—well, literally metaphorically—shoved into a room and labeled an evil fascist.

So, okay, we’re all here – millions upon millions of us! Hard to breathe, little room to move, and yet despite being shoved in this room, the left keep taunting us while in there, like a sadistic jailer smashing our fingers on the bars when walking by. It is not good enough for them to cage us like animals; no, they must then taunt the beasts by continuing to pile on with hateful rhetoric and blame. And here we all sit, becoming angrier and angrier that we’re considered evil for merely being white people.

Look, you have to understand something about white people backed into a corner. We react differently than other races, and always have. In hundreds upon hundreds of years, African slaves developed a run-and-hide system of the Underground Railroad. When whites were slaves in places like Rome—many others, too, but let’s use Rome—we staged multiple rebellions to be free, most notably via Spartacus and the Third Servile War, which almost literally overthrew one of the greatest empires in world history. And around two thousand years later, a huge group of white people decided that taxation without representation and iron-fisted Kingly rule was so oppressive that we would rather die than spend another day living under heel. Welcome to America!

So you need to understand the genetic predisposition of white people to lash out when you have backed them into a corner.

Which is why these white liberals act how they act, fittingly enough. They feel backed into a corner through Communists indoctrinating them with the belief that they are oppressed by capitalism, racism, patriarchy, and gender bias, and probably a thousand other things. So they feel they need to lash out, and because they’re not exactly Atlas holding up the globe, their only power is social ridicule, backed by an atrociously biased media and academia with more Pinkos than the Soviet Union. They lash out and perform their metaphorical holocaust,

That’s all good and well. If you’re gullible enough to believe that racial minorities are oppressed by white people, and 5 out of 4 women are raped every single day, and all trans people must fear for their lives, then there is no way to give you a red pill at this point. Even slipping it into your food bowl, you’d likely smell it from miles off and just go on a hunger strike until mommy spoon-fed you. But understand that we outcast whites are stronger than you in every conceivable way.

We are stronger mentally, We are stronger physically. We are stronger verbally. We are more powerful than you. We have worked jobs. We have graduated STEM instead of soft liberal arts. We have learned how to fight and shoot and be independent, not needing society to bend for us. We are the whites who have forged societies, not the ones who have attended a candlelight vigil and cried in the expectation that society would magically change for us. We are the survivors. We are the survival of the fittest.

You, on the other hand, are the people who would not have lived to teenagers thousands of years ago because there was no safety net socialist structures to carry your worthless asses through life, while you contributed negative value to the group – which you do now.

The point here: You reap what you sow! When you throw millions upon millions of white people into the “Bad Nazis” room and continue to berate us, you’re making us angry. You’re making us want to fight. You’re making us lash out at you! And when we bear our teeth, gnash and strike, you will not stand a chance.

This is a civil war you dare not want, and one in which you will not participate. Let’s be honest. You lot do okay when there are 500 of you vs. 40 “Nazis” and you can swing bike locks. But look what happened at Berkeley when the numbers were evenly matched. You cowards took off running and were literally hitting each other with your homemade weapons in the confusion of a gloried bar fight! And you want war?! This was just a tiny brawl. Now imagine it on full-scale war, with guns and knives and people seriously trying to kill you.

Look, you know you’ll lose! Be honest with yourselves, if only in a quiet moment. You people literally cannot be outside in public and hear an opinion you don’t like. You take off running, top speed, to a safe space and beg the administration—the powers that be—to purge from your presence all dissent, under the guise that it’s evil and harmful. How would you fare with gunshots ringing out and seeing one of your dead genderqueer pink-haired pansexuals laid still and bare beside you? You morons are triggered to the point of panic attacks by even seeing a MAGA hat! This isn’t something I’m making up; this is the reality for the cowards on the alt-left. You lot cannot even see a pro-Trump protest sign without mentally breaking down and becoming level-9000 triggered. Yet you claim to want to fight these “fascists”?

No. You will lose. You cannot win. Your Communist professors will not help you here. Daddy’s bank account will not magically fund bravery. It will not go how you think it will. You will not surround every single white person with a drum circle of liberals, 50 strong, and pelt them to death with rainbow whips. You will be forced to face an equally numbered army in an old-school battle line. And you know for a fact that you will not stand on the vanguard. You will hide in the background, hoping your betters or your rulers fight for you. They won’t. It falls on you. And that means you fall.

You have hoarded together a collection of white people for no other reason than they disagree. You have antagonized us to the point we are ready to fight. There’s only one word I can say to you at this point.


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