Music Review: Joy Villa “Make America Great Again”

joy villa

What more can we say about Joy Villa and the path she is on? A Lot!

Her newest testament to optimism and good will, “Make America Great Again”, is fun, happy and fills you with the pride most of us feel being Americans.

Joy came into a lot of our lives with her giant middle finger to Hollywood, when she showed up to the Grammy’s wearing a custom made “Make America Great Again” dress.

Is this her defining moment? Is this what she will be remembered for?


In addition to being a masterful singer and a daring optimist in these confusing times, Joy is sharp as a razor in her knowledge of the issues and her vision of doing her part to helping America reclaim its greatness in the world.

Her new song “Make America Great Again” has the passion and precision that swept the nation with the election of President Donald Trump. Its lyrics, filled with pointed commentary on the happiness and fulfillment that comes from unity and positive thinking, is a testament to Joy’s mission and abilities. It is an honor to listen to her music and fully endorse its message. Her latest video can be seen above and the links to purchase the song available in the info.


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