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The biggest problem with victim culture is that it begets victim culture. A victim is like a Gremlin: Once you feed the SOB after midnight, those boils form and explode with dozens of other Gremlins. And by the time people have fed their sympathy to the existing little monsters, we have an entire nation infested with the boogers! They group together, hold hostage everything from businesses to universities, and force their demands on people.

Let’s be honest here. It’s not as if black people at the University of Missouri were really victims of anything two years ago. They just recognized the times in which they lived; if they cried—literally, cried—loud enough and cursed white people enough, and got enough publicity from our crooked mainstream media, they could get their demands met. Among those demands: A literal call for easier courses, so it would be easier for them to graduate college. I mean, you can’t make this stuff up. It’s real, and we face it every single day.

Every time there’s some victim group, it gives birth to a new victim group; and without fail, victims B always have more about which to whine than victims A. A perfect example of this would be third-wave feminism and its incessant whining over the nonexistent wage gap. The wage gap has been debunked more times than perpetual motion, but people still trot it out when they need sympathy points and in their attempts to cry-bully everyone into submission for free goodies. Feel the Bern.

Though, like a Gremlin, this feminist victim group has given birth to an even whinier, more petulant victim group: Feminists of color – or whatever fancy term people have given it. Basically, it’s non-white feminists who gripe and complain that they have it harder because of their skin color.

The first thing about this that strikes me as retarded is the blatant category error. If someone is discriminating against you because you’re black, then the fact you’re a woman doesn’t factor in; likewise in the inverse. If you’re being discriminated against because of your va-jay-jay, what difference does it make that you’re black? But these “POC” don’t see it that way. They believe you can meld and mash-up the two tracks here; they believe that racial discrimination—which they can’t prove exists, but still whine on about it—and sexual discrimination need to be combined for a new type of feminism. Intersectional feminism, I believe they’re calling it: A group that advocates for racial rights. Make sense? Nah, I don’t get it either.

There are literally dozens of articles in my news feed today, talking about Anita Rani, some British presenter, employing the BBC to tackle its “race pay gap” problem.

I hate to be the one to break it to these dolts, but this number is factored up the same way the initial wage gap number is, which means that it’s the same load of hogwash once you do a little further math on it. And no offense to the black community—because they’re not talking about Asians, after all—but when you factor in those aggregate numbers, you find exponentially more black single mothers and high-school dropouts and women with zero work experience than in other communities. Which can be tied back to broken homes and no real pressure to attend school and no positive role models, and on and on.

The problems POC face aren’t the doing of white people. I honestly wish they were! If they were, that means the past fifty-plus years of nonstop aid, which still continues today, would help these issues and everyone would be experiencing something more closely approximating that mythical “equal outcome” victims want so badly. But that the medicine hasn’t even slowed the growth of the sickness is the number-one indicator that either (a) the medicine prescribed is wrong, or (b) the illness is different than what we initially diagnosed.

In the case of racial minorities and a pay gap, it’s actually both. The illness isn’t white discrimination but rather a lack of a family structure and normalized first-world societies within minority communities. Rampant rates of crime, incredibly high out-of-wedlock birth rates, the highest dropout rates, etc; these things create adults who are far less ready to enter the workforce, and when they do it’s typically in a menial labor capacity. And the medicine we’re feeding these communities only makes the problems worse. It enables and emboldens people to keep acting how they’ve been acting for generations, thus passing on to their children a lack of a work ethic and zero respect for society around them.

No, this isn’t everyone in these communities. Not even close. But since this “race pay gap” is using numbers in the aggregate, so am I. And what I see in the aggregate among minority communities like black and Hispanic are much, much higher rates of criminality, bastard children, no education and a refusal to assimilate into society at large. When you add this up, as they have done, you get minorities who don’t fare as well as whites.

To remedy this, these victims want more of the same: More freebies and benefits thrown at them just because they’re non-white. And to what does this lead? More and more generations believing that school doesn’t matter, you don’t need a father, and it’s okay to support your local criminal enterprises with “no snitching” policies and the suchlike. And by the time I’m a senior citizen, we’ll have a brand new batch of Gremlins fussing that life isn’t fair and that they want more. For less to boot.

If I ran a business and someone came to me with this problem, I’d tell them to try harder and work harder. And as soon as they’re all told this en masse, they might finally get the gist of it and realize that it’s not white people holding them down; rather it’s their insistence on “othering” themselves out of society to the point they’re in self-dug holes crying for a rope.

Society has no more rope left to give. You’re in a hole? Do what everyone else did thousands of years ago. Figure out how to pull yourself out of it.

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