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For those of you who don’t know me well, I’ve been a member of this nebulous thing called the “skeptic community” for many years now – back when Sargon only had 50k subs and Armoured Skeptic wasn’t even on the radar. So to say I love the genre of debating people who hold outlandish beliefs would be an understatement. I’ve faced off with fundamentalist Christians who believe in a young Earth, Raeliens who believe aliens built the pyramids, and flunkies who seems to believe that Big Government is poisoning the world through the systematic distribution of chemtrails in the skies.

Though of all the crazies I’ve met in my day, the white-hating, American-hating POC (colored people, just reversed) take the cake. According to these bozos, “white people” do not have any culture. Any! Never mind the objective reality that white people created the west, the greatest civilization in the history of the planet – no, that doesn’t matter. We whites apparently don’t have any culture of our own and just steal culture from everyone else.

What is prompting me to write a rant about these morons? It’s just some stuff I have been reading lately. On social media, I literally read someone’s multi-post rant about how white people are ruining the foods of other cultures. When whites make Chinese food, or eat fried chicken, or fire up their grills in the summer, they’re appropriating culture and are ruining the food by bastardizing it. This is a fairly common smear against white people. You can even find this nonsense on BuzzFeed, in a series of articles ranging from White People Ruin Everything to nonsense about white people not being able to season food properly; because, apparently, Bobby Flay is Asian (?).

The contend, literally, that white people, in thousands of years, have zero culture and have contributed absolutely nothing culturally significant to the world; they claim POC have done it all. Kangz.

This just got me to thinking. Okay, so it’s not as if it’s a tall task to smack down this sort of gibberish; it’s more akin to Charlie Murphy taking karate with the little kids. But it still makes me feel as if the culture of whites needs to be defended.

So here’s just a quick rant about some of the cultural things white people en masse have given to the planet.

First and foremost would be the method by which you’re reading this article. That’s right; fight it and cry and bawl, but the Internet, computers in general, are part of white people’s culture. This started way back with phones and the television and has extended now to 4G broadband, space travel, and more. Yes, Virginia, this is definitely part of white culture. So while Wentworth Haggins III might mess up General Tso’s chicken at home, the white monster he is, his people have done stuff too. Rest on your cuisine laurels if you want; or, more accurately, if you must; but shots have been fired across the bow, and the Internet—and everything that goes along with it—is orders of magnitude more significant than a chicken dish.

What about convenient travel? Sure, some other cultures had their own sorts of boats and ships, but white people brought us trains, cars and airplanes. Need we really get into this? Do you want to argue that hip-hop music is more culturally significant than automotive and air travel? I’m inserting my “LOL” here, if you’re that silly.

Need to be entertained? Well, what do you watch on that television? Hollywood was strictly Americana back in the day, and was strictly white folks leading the charge. White people, people! From Charlie Chaplin and his silent movies to Michael Bay and his weird obsession with explosions and robots, this is a cultural staple of the entire world now, and it was started by those damned cultureless whites. Pitiful bastards; we whites don’t have any culture!

Oh, entertainment and medicine aren’t doing it for ya? You’re still angry that Elvis “stole” the blues from the black man, and that leads you to say that white folks don’t have any culture? What about the last time you were sick and needed medicine? Ancient Asian holistic remedies, and other cultures casting voodoo spells from a book aren’t what’s going to put the stent in your heart when you’ve eaten too much fast food (white people’s culture, too). It’s modern medicine that’s going to do that, and modern medicine is a staple of white people’s culture.

This list can drone on and on for another 5,000 words. You see where it’s going. There are things in western society that you see, do and in which you participate every single day, and they’re cultural staples that were created by white people. But far too many people want to cling to music, hairstyles and cuisine as what “culture” really is. I’d argue that these are cultural aesthetics, and that things like mass production and the pursuit of the scientific method are far more relevant to what a culture actually is, what a culture actually rests upon

This isn’t to say that it was only white people, ever, or that white people didn’t have any help from other people, or inspiration from other cultures, etc. The fact of the matter is that you won’t find white people, outside of maybe Richard Spencer’s crew, who demand credit for “white” things and who fuss at others for appropriating. 999 times out of 1,000, the person fussing about appropriation is going to be some left-wing POC whose ancestors’ “culture” wasn’t worth a shit and gave the world absolutely nothing save a tasty dish. So, naturally, they’re a little butthurt if a white person cooks and changes it. I ain’t mad at ’em. It’s understandable.

Though when you get to breaking down who wins at culture – well, I don’t know about any of you, but I’ll take the computer, entertainment, modern medicine and travel over some curry any day.

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