Is There A Target On McMaster’s Back? The Conservative Treehouse Seems To Think So

Sara Carter breaks McMaster letter storySara Carter of Circa news, who broke McMaster story

Since General H.R. McMaster replaced General Flynn as a National Security Adviser for President Trump, questions have been asked of his globalist views and loyalty to President Trump. While President Trump clearly states that our goal in Syria is not to displace Assad, McMaster pushes for regime change. Many in pro-Trump circles who were against (alleged) leaker, former Chief of Staff Reince Preibus, are also against H.R. McMaster. Now, news outlets are attempting to add to the “chaos” in The White House by pinning McMaster and now Chief of Staff General Kelly.

Sara Carter of Circa News broke the story of General H.R. McMaster’s letter to former National security Adviser for President Obama, Susan Rice. In the letter, as it’s being reported, General McMaster has given Susan Rice permission to access classified intelligence. How outrageous, she is no longer part of the government yet she can access classified intelligence? Why would General McMaster give her access like she is currently serving in the administration?

Well, because that is not at all the case. It took The Conservative Tree House, a pro-Trump blog (with fantastic investigative journalism in my opinion) and Twitter user Thomas Wictor to figure out what exactly this letter implies.

While many pro-Trump figureheads, even Sean Hannity, are screaming from the rooftops that General McMaster has to go, they don’t understand the bigger picture of this letter. While on the surface it seems like sabotaging President Trump, it is in fact doing the opposite. This is allowing investigations into Susan Rice, namely unmasking, to go forward. The letter from General McMaster clearly states that the only items Susan Rice can access are ones that she “originated, reviewed, signed, or received while serving.” Not present or future tense language is seen here. The reason, The Conservative Tree House notes, is that this helps to move forward investigations into Susan Rice. Since there are requests for her records in this investigation, she needs to be able to provide them.

Except it’s not true; that angle/narrative is entirely false.

In the letter (included below) National Security Advisor HR McMaster simply gave former NSA Susan Rice permission to continue accessing historic classified intelligence that she created and received while Mrs. Rice was President Obama’s NSA lead.

McMaster is NOT giving Rice ongoing access to new intelligence information, or current classified intelligence information. His letter was simply authorizing her to reference and have access to the historic intel work product she previously, personally and specifically was involved in.

Obviously Rice’s prior NSC work-product remains classified and as such cannot leave the control of the National Security Council.  Classified NSC information can be as innocuous as emails or memos to colleagues on the NSC during her tenure as NatSec Advisor, or it could be her schedule and calendar of events.  The McMaster letter simply allows Rice to have continued access to prior content she was in charge of. Nothing more.

the Conservative Tree House adds that we should not being getting on the “dump McMaster” train so quickly, as there seems to be a coordinated hit-job after McMaster now. We have seen this before with other Pro-Trump and Trump Administration figures. Breitbart seems to be leading the way, with two major hit pieces on McMaster coming lately. Is this Steve Bannon, President Trump’s strategist and Breitbart owner, attempting to gain ground in a White House civil war? Is this, as The Conservative Tree House speculates, the pro-Cruz conservatives pushing a coordinated effort to oust McMaster and hurt Trump’s America-first foreign policy?

HR McMaster circa

HR McMaster letter to Susan Rice

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