Washington Post Gets Caught Lying About Seymour Hersh, Seth Rich, In Shocking New Audio

Seymour hersh talked about Seth RichSeymour Hersh, veteran journalist, on CSPAN

In a fast-moving news day, slain DNC staffer Seth Rich has been the subject of multiple news stories, all interrelated. We will try to get you up to speed. First, who are the players in this story?

Seth Rich: A DNC staffer dealing with IT, voter logs, voter registration, etc. On the morning of July 10th, 2016, the 27 year-old was murdered after leaving a bar. Police have called it a botched robbery. Many who believed the DNC rigged the primaries against Bernie Sanders, for which they are currently embroiled in a lawsuit for, believe that Seth Rich was the one to leak emails to Wikileaks, not Russian hackers. Users online have found Seth Rich’s possible social media accounts (Twitter and Reddit) in which he was a massive Bernie supporter and not a fan of Hillary Clinton.

Wikileaks: A website where whistleblowers, including the now infamous Chelsea (formerly Bradley) Manning, send their documents to be published. Activist Julian Assange, currently avoiding law enforcement by seeking refuge in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, is the head of Wikileaks. in an interview, he suggested that Seth Rich may be the source of Wikileaks documents, but he refuses to officially reveal his source. Two times, Wikileaks has offered monetary rewards for any information leading to the solving of Seth Rich’s murder. Now, Wikileaks has retweeted two audio files, which we will talk about soon.

Rod Wheeler: A private investigator who was hired to help the Rich family solve their son’s murder. he is currently suing Fox News for being “misquoted” in a story.

Seymour Hersh: A Pulitzer prize-winning journalist, formerly of the New York Times, is caught on mic alleging that Seth Rich is the source for Wikileaks, according to an FBI documents he was read from a reliable source.

In the morning on August 1st, a story breaks that a lawsuit is being filed against Fox News for misquoting Rod Wheeler in a Fox 5 DC story about Seth Rich, where he was filmed saying that the FBI has Seth’s computer and Rod was told that there are emails to Wikileaks on that computer.

Unearthed by Cassandra Fairbanks of Big League Politics is a 27-minute audio clip of Rod Wheeler contradicting many points in his own case. You can listen to the audio here. As later explained by Ed Butowsky, also named in the lawsuit, on a CNN interview with Chris Cuomo,  Rod Wheeler appears desperate for money and desperate for a job in the Trump Administration.

Even more on that in a special OANN report:

We will see how the case plays out, and if it even goes forward with the audio clip now being spread. From the same YouTube account is a clip of Seymour Hersh that completely contradicts what The Washington Post claims in their timeline of this lawsuit and story. The Washington Post confirms the existence of this clip within this article, but goes against what is said in the clip itself.

From The Washington Post:

At some point before or during February, Butowsky apparently speaks with veteran journalist Seymour Hersh, who Butowsky says indicated a link between Rich and the FBI. Hersh told Folkenflik it was “gossip” and that Butowsky “took two and two and made forty-five out of it.”

Oddly enough, this story was amended to include the contradictory quote from Hersh, as an archived version of the story says this:

At some point before or during February, Butowsky apparently speaks with veteran journalist Seymour Hersh, who alleges a link between Rich and the FBI.

Seymour Hersh and The Washington Post can say whatever they like, but this audio file of Seymour Hersh is not”fake news,” it happened. Now Seymour Hersh could go back and retract his statement, but as of right now that audio file is as damning as it comes. In it, Hersh claims:

  • He was read an FBI file on Seth Rich by someone on the inside.
  • This document mentions that Seth Rich communicated with Wikileaks.
  • In an odd twist, Seth Rich apparently offers sample files to Wikileaks, and then asks for money in order to send more.
  • It appears Wikileaks does not comply and pay, but instead they access the leaked documents in another manner.
  • The FBI files alleges that Seth Rich uploaded these files to a Dropbox account.
  • Seymour Hersh then says that either two things happened: Wikileaks hacked into Dropbox and got the files, or a ‘Dead Man’s Switch’ happened.
  • Seth Rich apparently told friends about this account and said “if anything happens to me…” regarding the account.

The audio file is below. I have archived the audio file if it is removed. Please let us know if that is the case.

The timing of the filing of this lawsuit as well as the unearthing of these audio files is a bit suspect. As the Russia hysteria reaches a fever-pitch, things are reaching a boiling point. It seems that less and less, this Russia collusion story is making sense. we are now at a point that President Donald Trump is being caught colluding with his son, Donald Trump Jr, and allegedly from the lawsuit, Fox News. The timing is even more suspect, as a user from Reddit’s /r/The_Donald, the largest pro-Trump online community, won a court case regarding the Seth Rich controversy. This was the post:

In a prior post, I mentioned that I won a FOIA Appeal in a records request case against the DC Metropolitan Police Department. This would have allowed all anonymous requestors to request documents without revealing their identity.

MPD appealed the appeal decision. They thought they were going to take me down to china town by claiming that Federal FOIA requires unanonymous requests. I looked up several similar cases and found key differences which undermined their argument. They said, I didn’t have standing to make an appeal in court. Ha, it was an administrative appeal…not a court appeal.

Anyway, to make a long story short, I prevailed in the appeal to the appeal. So, once again, there is room now for anyone anywhere to anonymous request any non-exempt record AND appeal a witholding decision AND appeal an agency appeal. (Incidentally, I argued that DC agencies do not have any legal basis to file an appeal since the statute does not carve out this possibility. I still think I’m right about that but since I won my case, no need to get too huffy puffy about it.)

The ruling is here:


Representative Debbie Wasserman Shultz, the head of the DNC at the time of the alleged “hacking” (or Seth Rich leaking, it seems), oddly asked if Dropbox, the document storage website Seth Rich allegedly used, can be monitored. Did she know something about this Seth Rich case?


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