NY State Assembly In Need Of A Millennial Mindset?

“Millennial” has a bad connotation and is used more as a slur than as a label, but the facts have shown over and over again millennials work hard, and are generally more independently minded than the generation before them. There’s one young candidate running for office who thinks that her record of hard work, commitment, and millennial perspective could create a culture of prosperity if her conservative principles are implemented in the New York State Assembly in 2018.

Meet Morgan Zegers

If the lazy millennial stereotype is a glass ceiling, Morgan is shooting through it like a rocket. A member of the NRA, Patriot Guard, Rotary Club, the New York Farm Bureau, and a civilian member of her local VFW, she’s continually active and engaged in her community. A free market environmentalist, Morgan founded a non-profit called the Hometown Initiative which encourages communal clean up efforts.

Home Grown Market Champion

New York Democrats always claim to support working class Americans, but state regulations alone cause a burden, particularly on upstate farmers. It’s no wonder this is the first policy stance listed on her site, pointing out “reducing harmful regulations facing local farmers and will stand up to the state mandates that are crushing small business, agricultural developments, and agribusiness in our area.”


Before President Trump became a Twitter gladiator, Congressman Justin Amash was notorious for always posting his votes and the reasons behind them on social media. Morgan has pledged to follow the same path (hopefully not restrained to 140 characters), stating “[she] will post each vote to Facebook, post video updates of her efforts, and share what the Assembly has done each week in a newsletter. Morgan believes that we need elected officials that will lead by example and that is exactly what she will do in office.”

Locked and Loaded

Unlike other northern Republicans who are squishy on the Second Amendment, Morgan is open and unabashed about her support for the right to self defense and calling out the disastrous laws that create unsafe and dangerous gun free zones.

Learn more about Morgan today at her website 

Disclaimer: Remso W. Martinez has publicly endorsed Zeger’s campaign. Read the full letter here.

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