Does The American Dream Live in Liberland?

“A libertarian micro-nation” I told my colleague Jenn Gray,”I know it sounds strange, but this is something that is actually growing.” As soon as we wrapped up discussing the format for our interview, our distinguished guest walked down the hall of the Paris Hotel and Casino (where FreedomFest 2017 was held) and came over to meet us. President Vít Jedlička of Liberland, our guest for the interview, was joined by the Vice President Bogie Wozniak, along with several members of their cabinet.

For more information on what we discussed in our interview, you can listen to the podcast here, because I want to discuss more than just the who, what, where of Liberland. Walking around the crowds of conservatives and libertarians, one thing was abundantly clear- Americans love Vít, countless people were rushing over to him just to shake his hand and get a few words with him. Not just FreedomFest attendees are into the idea of Liberland though, thousands of Americans around the country support the tiny libertarian nation. “I think Americans love the idea of Liberland because we share the same values as the American Founders” the President told me several times that afternoon. After decades of regulatory horror, state infringements on our Constitution, and non-stop war, it’s no surprise Americans are flocking to the idea of a new nation which matches their timeless values of individual liberty and peaceful, self-determination.

The question I have is this, is the American dream restricted to US borders or can it transcend them? One person who had applied for citizenship in Liberland told me “If Trump and the Republicans fail to downsize the state at all, I would gladly move my family to Liberland in a heartbeat.” Another individual was more direct “I define my values and my identity, not flags and borders, I will go where freedom is maximized”

Discussing the classical liberal application of running a civil society, it’s no wonder a large chunk of Americans fascinated with Liberland are millennials. “What if we had Uber for the police?” the President brought up in our interview; The first thought that came to my mind was the decades worth of police militarization that has taken up so much media attention. The idea of a corporate state where citizens truly feel a direct investment in their nation and can have a direct impact in how they are governed matches the customize-everything mentality of Americans today. Getting into the topic of central banks, Liberland is leading the fight for crypto-currencies, something which threatens establishment institutions of control around the world while advancing sound money and individual freedom.

I left the interview with a few questions- did our Founders assume their great American experiment would find roots overseas because the idea of liberty succeeded? Or were these classical liberal ideas ever unique to the United States to begin with? Are we the shinning example? Or just another book in the volume of human liberty about to be replaced with the next book in the series of life?

I don’t know, but what I do know is that Americans love Liberland because they love liberty, and for that they need to succeed.


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