With McCain on Bed Rest, the Press for Impeachment Begins

With McCain on Bed Rest, the Press for Impeachment Begins

I was going to take a victory lap this morning for calling out John McCain’s illness being far worse than anyone was letting on but things move too fast for that.

Once it was confirmed McCain is in serious trouble, the news breaks, conveniently, that Special Investigator Robert Mueller will be expanding his search to include Donald Trump’s business dealings and those of Jared Kushner and Paul Manafort.

And here is where the Deep State strikes back. Mueller has serious ties to the Clinton machine. With McCain out of the picture and his procedural opposition to Trump gone, the Deep State now has to keep the pressure on Trump and the hopes of insane Democrats for impeachment alive.

There are no coincidences in the news cycle. Everything is stage-managed for maximal effect. When it could no longer be held back that McCain’s blood clot was actually a glioblastoma, the response had to be something firmly negative for Trump to dominate the news cycle.

The McCain Connection

John McCain, as I’ve said in other venues, is the lynchpin to Trump’s opposition on both the domestic and foreign policy fronts.

And that brings me to John McCain. As I made clear in my last article:

 John McCain is the lynchpin to Trump getting some semblance of control over Congress. McCain is a powerful senior member of a number of committees. He ran for re-election at 79 years old to retain that seniority for the neoconservatives to enact its nihilistic foreign policy.

Make no mistake, McCain, like the rest of the DNC and GOP leadership, is a member of the “Uniparty.” That’s the one that frog-marches us towards global government, universal suffering and perpetual war. [emphasis mine]

And with the power structure in those committees in flux and RINO leaders like Mitch McConnell in the Senate and House Speaker Paul Ryan in trouble the window was opening up for Trump to step through and begin cleaning house and getting things done.

This is why Mueller had to make this announcement today. It is an attempt to push the significance of McCain’s illness to the back-burner and off the TV talking head circuit.

It doesn’t matter if there isn’t any there there. All that matters is controlling the narrative and keeping Trump bound down with distractions. Mueller’s job is to find something, anything, they can use to make even a weak case for Trump’s removal. And he will find something damning in the court of public opinion if he widens his search enough in this age of Guilt by Russian Association.

Impeachment isn’t a court of law. It’s a court of opinion and political expedience. Right and wrong don’t matter, only what political ox can be gored to get the desired result.

And the desired result is the destruction of Trump and the possibility of reforming a U.S. ship of state.

Ideology Trumps Rationality

McCain and the people he represents are driven by fervent Marxist ideology and the delusions of primacy that come with wielding power. They are doing ‘God’s Work’ to bring humanity out of a state of nature into something better.

At least how they justify their actions. But, really, it’s about maintaining the money and the prestige.

With McCain it was always his neoconservative ideology that drove his decisions. Our foreign policy establishment is scared many of their pet projects – Syria, Ukraine, Afghanistan – will fall apart. Trump started the process yesterday pushing to end CIA funding of McCain’s ‘moderate’ rebels, his pet Salafist head-choppers, in Syria.

We’re also looking at a breakthrough in Ukraine. Donetsk People’s Republic leader Alexander Zakharchenko announced they are forming the new state of Malorussia (Little Russia). They feel that Ukraine is a failed state and this is the best and most peaceful way forward.

Ukraine’s junta coup was the product of McCain and former Asst. Secretary of State Victoria Nuland. For four years now McCain has been funneling literal Nazi-sympathizers in Ukraine (Right Sector, Azov Battalion) funds to what he thinks are ‘freedom fighters’ because anyone against Russia is that by definition.

Thankfully, that now has a chance to end, and with it the continued shelling of the contact line in Ukraine. Once the funds run out, then the talking has to start. The same thing is happening in Syria.

It began with Russia’s intervention in 2015 and their bombing ISIS oil convoys and now it can end completely with Trump’s latest order.

But, it is that ugly, binary thinking of the neocons that has us backing groups all around the world that are far worse than the people they are fighting. There is no better example of this than Saudi Arabia. It is this kind of insane myopia that leads to the worst kind of policy excess and lots of dead people.

The Left in the U.S. has been whipped up into this same ideological fervor, embracing any method, not matter how vile, to get rid of Trump. These are people who have lost what is left of their minds; still in shock that so many people think they are wrong about everything.

They mistook what I call the libertarian-right’s silence out of politeness as consent for their Marxist nonsense. And now, our rejection has them acting out like spoiled children, exposing themselves as such and incapable of seeing the opportunity for us to work together against the real enemy, the oligarchy/Deep State/Shadow Government/Banking Cartel/etc.

Instead they wear their genitals on their heads and screech about punching Nazis on Twitter. If they weren’t so pathetic I’d laugh at them.

Trump has to push back against Mueller at this point. He should put in front of his worthless Attorney General Jeff Sessions to either fire Mueller or himself and appoint someone else temporarily to then fire Mueller if Sessions won’t.

This would risk an impeachment trial while GOP leadership is weak, the Democrats have only the discredited media in their pockets and the political costs are low. Then use his new FBI Director Christopher Wray to go after some high-profile targets. Trump’s base would cheer his fighting back so vigorously that when he survived it he could lead them into the mid-terms with the wind at his back.

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