Muslim Activists Blocked by ANTIFA to March at Pride: Mainstream Media Silent

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The fact that this story is not being covered by mainstream media reveals their true agenda. The media considers ANTIFA an “anti-fascist” group. And no, not a supposed anti-fascist group like they call right wing groups, but a group that “opposes” fascism.  It was not widely reported but because of the internet, there is clear evidence that ANTIFA’s motto to “protect Muslims” is just a blatantly lie. A few weeks ago at Pride March Toronto, there were Muslim activists who were marching downtown to spread awareness on the way Islamic countries treat the LGBT community there. ANTIFA and leftists were trying to block the LGBTQ+ activists of Muslim background, including refugees and former Iranian political prisoners from marching accusing them on Islamophobia.

Halsey News caught up with the individual who filmed the event where ANTIFA accused him and his helpers of Islamophobia. Salman Sima, a former political prisoner and refugee, believes that these leftists are not really fighting for Muslims but rather fighting for their own radical ideas.  

As a Muslim, I condemn all persecution against LGBTQ+ people in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Turkey… If you have a valid point to talk about, let’s talk about it. Let’s share it.


We have some problems inside Islam. I know that. We have loyal sentences in the Quran. I don’t practice those… We can’t say there is nothing wrong in Islam… Absolutely there is something wrong in Islam and we should reform it.


Salman has been working hard to spread awareness on the conditions in the Middle East. He said that living here in Canada is amazing because there is no oppression there. However, he has seen that these “anti-fascist” groups who have been censoring other people’s ideas, and it is a reminder of how his country was taken over by Islamo-fascists.

It has been several weeks since the incident took place and no news outlet covered it. You can Google search it and the only thing you actually see is an article written by the Huffington Post that a planned protest by far-right groups will attend Pride, which I believe did not happen.

MSM silent antifa

MSM silent on Canadian event

But doesn’t the left love writing articles on Islamophobic attacks? Don’t they talk about an anti-Muslim attack for weeks?  Of course it does. Only though, if it fits their “let’s bash the right or Trump supporters” narrative. I mean, you favor the liberals, but you also favor the Muslims. You can’t choose one because you would either be considered Islamophobic or homophobic.  Also, these leftist outlets consider people counter protesting Islamic events as Islamophobic. Doesn’t that mean the group ANTIFA are Islamophobic too?

Here at Halsey News, we go deep and destroy the mainstream agenda. We embrace diversity, but we also embrace truth no matter the outcome.

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