More Jerry Brown Hypocrisy In California

More Jerry Brown Hypocrisy In California

As Governor Brown continues to push more environmental regulations in California, his hypocrisy continues to go unchecked. Don’t expect the MSM in the deep blue State of California to hold his feet to the fire, either. You see, there are dirty little secrets in his gas tax increase and his cap-and-trade legislation. Dirty little secrets that he hopes no one calls him out on.

The Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017 (SB1) that was passed by California increases the gas tax by 12.5 cents per gallon raising the total of federal and state taxes per gallon to a whopping 83.9 cents. The highest burden on consumers in any State in the Union.

SB1 also increases license “fees” by $38 and includes a new automobile registration “fee” anywhere from $25 – $175. That new fee will be determined based on the value of your vehicle and those fees will rise each year with inflation. (See my previous article on SB1)

Don’t you love how politicians use the word ‘fee’ instead of ‘tax?’ It just sounds so much better — you know — for stupid voters like us.

Governor Brown sounded the climate change siren again when he spearheaded SB32, a law that was passed last year that would require California to cut its carbon emissions to 40% below 1990 levels by 2030. Yes, you read that right — 40% below 1990 levels. Really? With the increase in population?

“What we’re doing here is farsighted, as well as far-reaching,” Brown said at an SB32 signing ceremony in September 2016. “California is doing something that no other state has done.”

Maybe no other state has done that Mr. Governor because it’s so farfetched and ridiculously unrealistic.

He proudly wore his Captain Environment cape again earlier this year when he chastised President Trump for pulling out of the Paris Climate scam. Brown went as far as personally meeting with President Xi Jinping of China in an attempt to make Trump like a stooge.

In a statement issued June 1, 2017, Brown said, “Donald Trump has absolutely chosen the wrong course. He’s wrong on the facts. He’s wrong on the science. Totally wrong. California will resist this misguided and insane course of action.”

Why do I feel that the Paris Climate Agreement is a scam? The two largest polluters in the world are India and China and they don’t have to participate — take steps to reduce emissions — for 20 years. That would be like legislating a truce between gangs to end gang violence yet allow MS-13 and Chicago’s Black Disciples a reprieve for 20 years. Yeah, that makes sense.

I know, I can hear all of you asking, “where’s the hypocrisy and what’s the dirty little secrets?”

A fact not mentioned much is the backside of SB1 — the Diesel tax increase. Beginning November 1, 2017, all diesel fuel will be hit with a 20 cent per gallon increase. That’s a whopping 125% increase going from 16 cents to 36 cents per gallon. In other words — be prepared to pay more for goods and services.

How did he get that past the trucking industry? They made a deal with the environmentally conscious governor and he agreed to restrict future regulations on greenhouse gas emissions emitted by commercial trucks.

Wait, what? As long as the trucking industry didn’t fight SB1 they wouldn’t have to worry about the State coming down on them for polluting California’s air? How did Brown agree to that when his SB32 is supposed to cut greenhouse emissions 40% below 1990 levels by the year 2030?

If you have a diesel pickup truck or own a trucking company and you don’t want to pay the higher diesel tax — I have a suggestion. In this PC obsessed society — claim that your diesel is confused and it doesn’t really feel like a diesel. It feels more like a regular car, therefore, you shouldn’t be forced to pay the tax increase because it isn’t fair. It works for gender — why not vehicles.

You want more hypocrisy?

Governor Brown is currently pushing an extension of AB398 — California’s cap-and-trade deal. In this deal, industries essentially pay to pollute — yes, that’s right — acquiring permits for each ton of carbon they emit into the atmosphere. You can’t make this stuff up. He’s afraid that the State will lose hundreds of millions of dollars in pollutant fees.

What’s more hilarious is the fact that he’s begging California Senate Republicans to help get the cap-and-trade extension passed. He’s asking them to put partisanship aside to make sure they can keep making millions from corporations that pollute California. Telling them on the senate floor last week, “this is the most important vote of your life.” Huh?

Maybe the California Republicans should take a look at what he said while blasting them about their support for environmental issues.

“I don’t want to be partisan, but these guys deny science,” said Brown. “Anybody who lies like that should not be listened to. That’s all.”

The rhetoric by Governor Brown while promoting and pushing conflicting environmental legislation proves two things:

1) Money is really more important than the air Californian’s breathe.
2) He only wears the Captain Environmental cape when he’s blasting Trump and Republicans.

The hypocrisy and dirty little secrets are never highlighted by the MSM because the facts don’t fit their progressive narrative.

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