Nixon Went to China…Trump Went to Hamburg

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Over the weekend leaders of the world’s leading economies gathered for the G20 Summit 2017 in Hamburg, Germany. No doubt they were eager to hammer out next-steps in the plan to turn the planet into a homogenous trade-zone. In fact, a few days prior Trudeau announced the Canada-EU Trade Agreement, or CETA, will start to phase-in this September.

But the pre-weekend MSM-hype was focused on the long awaited Trump-Putin meeting.

You might reasonably wonder—apart from economic globalization, cultural globalization, and political globalization, in other words the coming serfdom—why the heck the big government fossil-fuel burning crowd is meeting yet again and what are they gabbing about that can’t be handled over Skype

Sure, I wouldn’t be surprised if they spit-balled ideas over steins of strong lager of how to deal with the rise of non-corporate independent media and the coming tsunami of robot induced mass-unemployment. Of the latter, if your job involves holding a steering wheel, good luck.

As to independent thought and the organic dissemination of ideas, UK PM Theresa May, after the London Bridge Islamic terror attack, already suggested greater control over your internet access.

Specifically, May wants international agreements that regulate cyberspace —but you would call it by its proper name, government censorship.

Yes, of course protesters showed up. Black Bloc and assorted lampreys (welfare bums, trust-funders, and paid thugs) never miss an opportunity for drunken street fighting. They never give peace a chance. No, these fascist anarchists of course create chaos; destroy property, and beat-up people trying to report on the G20 event at large.

In true fascist style some demonstrators used social media to stalk certain people they’d labelled as “Nazis”.

Yeah, the violence fomented by Leftists and MSM talking heads is headed where they damn well knew it would go to. This is ugly.

Meanwhile, despite palls of black smoke twisting into the sky above burning BMW’s, the gathered politicians (and central banker governors, can’t meet without bankers in the room, eh) number one issue (at least as presented publicly) was the Paris Accord. More precisely, to drag the USA back onside.

They may even have sent rabid feminist Justin Trudeau out to chat up DJT on the whole climate tax scam thing. How desperate is that!

Out in the strassa, German police used water canon to deter masked rioters. The usual bottle and rock throwing ensued along with the afore mentioned arson. The place was a shambles in no time flat. You can see how these hooligans, communist street criminals, and humanities-studies grads provide the desired cover for governments to restrict the free movement of individuals.

When the summit wrapped up Saturday evening the typical collective communique was issued. The most noteworthy part of which being, arguably, embattled US President Trump’s insistence on having fossil fuels mentioned in that final statement. For his part, Trump forced 19 other world leaders to publicly acknowledge Trump’s pledge “to help other countries access and use fossil fuels more cleanly and efficiently.”

This kind of globalist pushback drives progressives’ nuts.

The failing oldstream media wants its dwindling audience to believe Trump was a failure at Hamburg. And that side meeting with Vladimir Putin, which ran two hours longer than the scheduled twenty minutes? Well, Trump’s sit-down with the Russian leader is probably a 21st century equivalent of “Nixon goes to China.”

When you take Hamburg as a single event—politicians and anarchists, at the same party just in different rooms—it was about economic, cultural, and political globalization. The very same pro-globalization and/or anti-globalization stuff they never will grow tired of promoting and/or co-opting. It’s a non-stop, endlessly malleable narrative tailor-made for corporate media shills.

Fun fact: The only person winning is Trump.

  1. And finally, Merkel accosting foreigners at the hotel bar uttering her mantra “must destroy German-society, must destroy German-society” the woman never gives it a rest, was a complete buzz-kill all weekend long.

Did I mention the only person winning is Trump?

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