Hey Virginia, Let Cliff Hyra Debate


Let Cliff Hyra, the Libertarian candidate for Governor, in on the gubernatorial debates.


All you have to do is put up a podium and let him speak, I mean he’s on the ballot and he has a following, what is the excuse? Well, it looks like the excuse is the whole “he can’t win!” argument again. How can he win if he’s not in the debates? Maybe it’s because Ed Gillespie and Ralph Northam aren’t so different from each other?

Hey now, I’m not accusing them of being the same person, but they seem to agree they’d be better off with one of them being governor instead of living in a world where Cliff Hyra is. I’m an undecided voter up here in Northern Virginia, I know people reading this across the country might not care about an election for governor in a state they probably have never been to, but here is the thing- this bellwether state indicates typically what is about to happen in Washington, so keep that in mind. Additionally, when Libertarian Robert Sarvis ran in 2013 and gained 7% of the vote, all Ken Cuccinelli and Terry McAuliffe did was say Sarvis “stole votes” from them. I’m sorry, but is it just me or do they act like they own your vote in the first place? They might as well, after all they seem to own the debate state.

I’m new to the Republican Party but I know plenty well old establishment tricks among the colluding few that fight when they are on camera but smoke cigars and compliment each other’s wives when they are alone. How can Democrats accuse the ruling party of damaging our democracy but stay silent on the obvious threat of political censorship? How can Republicans defend free speech but silence their opposition for simply existing? I came to the Republican Party from the Libertarian Party because I thought there was a new generation of liberty minded leaders coming in to replace the elitist neoconservatives, but even they are silent for fear of the repercussions. It is incredibly embarrassing that the original mainstream third party (the GOP, in case you forgot) is now, as they have been for over 25 years, continuing the shameful tradition of excluding third party candidates.

I didn’t vote for either President Trump, Secretary Clinton, or Gov. Gary Johnson in 2016, but I even knew if someone is on the ballot in all 50 states you should let them in (the guy I voted for was only on the ballot in a couple, not a chance in Hell of winning whereas Johnson potentially could have). Imagine how the debate would have changed if Governor Johnson had been on the stage to go against two unpopular candidates? It’s important to remember that it was the electoral landmark Rob Sarvis achieved in 2013 that led to the Libertarian surge in voters years onward.

When I think of the Republican Party I’m a part of I think of Coolidge and Reagan, men who wouldn’t stand for what the GOP are doing now here in the Commonwealth (did you even know then-Governor Reagan debated Independent candidate John Anderson?), nonetheless every general election.

Please Republicans, please Democrats, do the right thing and let Cliff debate.

Remso W. Martinez is the host of the Remso Republic podcast. You can follow him on Twitter @Remso101 and on Facebook.

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Remso W. Martinez
Remso W. Martinez is the host of the Remso Republic podcast. You can follow him on Twitter @Remso101 and on Facebook.

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