Gun Owners of America Launches New Podcast Series

GOA Executive Director Erich Pratt (top, left) and producer Remso W. Martinez (bottom, right)

Everyone starts and ends life in places they didn’t expect…

From the anti-gun professor who turned into a 2nd Amendment advocate to the young nation that would begin to trade away it’s liberty for security, everyone changes a stance or a worldview at least once in their life. Firing Back, the newest podcast series from Gun Owners of America (GOA), combines amazing storytelling with hard hitting history in order to take listeners on a journey from gun enthusiast to self-defense advocate, and hopefully from anti-gun to pro-firearms.

Hosted by Erich Pratt (Executive Director of GOA), this series takes the listener on a full circle experience from understanding the victims of sinister men and well intentioned gun laws, to the root of self defense, and ultimately how the “live free or die” mentality of the United States began to drift into a nation of living in fear, and how we can get back to it.


This isn’t just a firearms themed show, this is a series promoting a pro you message. The right to self defense knows every race, creed, sex, religion, and geographic location. From the single mother living in the most dangerous part of Chicago to the young married couple in everyday suburbia who encounter a terrifying, life altering exposure to evil, the right to keep and bear arms has an opportunity now to be taken back in it’s fullest definition, no “if, ands,” or “buts.” The American people however, not the political class, have to be the ones to speak out, and its because of that reason alone GOA is producing this show.

Covering everything from the origin of gun regulation, to how to debunk even the most compelling progressive arguments, this is a show you can share with anyone as it brings together entertainment with captivating discussions, altogether transcending headline chasing and instead focus on the real root of the problem.

For progressives and those unsure, we invite you to come and here the true story behind the stigma, and for conservatives and libertarians bogged down by the fake news media, it’s time to stop playing defense and instead start firing back.

GOA: Firing Back is set to air August 7th, 2017. Sign up for the GOA newsletter for information on how to subscribe today.

Remso W. Martinez is the producer and co-host of GOA: Firing back. You can follow Remso on Twitter @Remso101 and on Facebook.

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