Trouble In Germany For First Lady


Due to G-20 protesters, First Lady Melania Trump has been prevented from leaving her temporary home in Hamburg, Germany.

Melania is staying at a guest house that belongs to the Hamburg Senate while her husband, President Donald Trump, attends the G-20 summit. Mrs. Trump was expected to join the spouses of other world leaders at an international summit on Friday but anti-globalization protesters are keeping the First Lady from leaving.

“We have no security clearance from the police to leave the guesthouse,” Trump’s spokeswoman for the German press agency told Focus, a German news agency.

During international summits, the spouses will usually get together while leaders are in meetings. Friday’s program included a boat ride, lunch, and a tour of a climate control center.

The First Lady tweeted earlier Friday: “Thinking of those hurt in #Hamburg protests. Hope everyone stay safe!”


Dozens of police officers formed moving lines in multiple locations around Hamburg and used water cannons to force protesters away from streets across the city. The city increased its police presence with reinforcements from around the country for the G-20 summit but asked for more support on Thursday night after the situation started to escalate.

“We’ve asked for a few hundreds more police officers – they’re on the way,” Andy Grote, the city’s interior senator, told reporters. “The potential for criminal energy and violence of some is shocking.”

On Thursday, nearly 100,000 anti-capitalist protesters demonstrated in the German city ahead of the G-20 conference. German police said 45 protesters were detained, another 15 were temporarily taken into custody, and 160 police officers were injured, including three officers who were hospitalized.

The Group of 20 meeting of the world’s leading rich and developing nations is the first since Trump recently announced that the U.S. would withdraw from the Paris climate agreement.

On Friday, President Trump met with Russian President Vladimir Putin while on Thursday he met with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and had dinner with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and South Korean President Moon Jae-in.

Press Release: March For Justice, September 10, 2017

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