Video: Congressman Tom Garrett At Summit For Free Iran

Congressman Tom Garrett from the 5th congressional district of Virginia gave a stellar speech while attending the Paris Summitt for a Free Iran. Rep. Garrett spoke of the American absence of support for Iran’s Green Revolution and that “we didn’t go to Congress to watch… I came to change business as usual.” Rep. Garrett, a freshman congressman, has already made a splash in Congress having been part of the House Freedom Caucus effort to reform the Trump administration’s repeal and replacement of Obamacare and the federal decriminalization of Marijuana.

See the video here:

Remso W. Martinez is the host of the Remso Republic podcast. You can follow him on Twitter @Remso101 and on Facebook.

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Remso W. Martinez
Remso W. Martinez is the host of the Remso Republic podcast. You can follow him on Twitter @Remso101 and on Facebook.