Trudeau’s Love of Authoritarian Regimes is Cause for Concern (Part 1)

If you had any lingering doubt as to the future of Canada as envisioned by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau his recent utterances have surely washed them away. When speaking without a teleprompter Trudeau says the most bizarre things.

When the Prime Minister speaks on the eve of Canada Day (and his taxpayer funded Canada150 ego-fest) you could reasonably expect him recall the contributions of our forebears. Trudeau instead proclaimed his jealousy for immigrants because they made a choice to come to Canada.

Now that’s a peculiar statement in about a million ways, not the least of which are: Many immigrants suffered horribly before making their way (legally) here. And, Trudeau is an unaccomplished trust fund brat (who can’t remember the names of 10 provinces) with no experience outside his life of privilege. Remember, this is the same guy who in 2006 told the National Post, “I won the birth lottery.”

We know he leads the most financially reckless government in Canadian history. But more concerning is Trudeau’s efforts to divide Canadians into identity groups and his loathing of democracy.

With Parliament now in recess Trudeau used much of this week’s news conference to straight-faced tell reporters that essentially, if everyone in Ottawa agreed with him, well darn it, real progress would have been made. Hey Justin your Liberals hold a majority of seats, seriously dude. To hear Trudeau blame his failures on everyone other than himself is not news. His vanity and egotism are surprised only by his not my fault shallowness and the vacuity of his statements.

Whenever Justin speaks off the cuff without notes (or an earpiece?) he reveals his core beliefs, his worldview, which has nothing to do with advancing freedom and liberty for Canadians.

In 2013, Justin publicly declared his admiration for China’s “basic dictatorship” and more recently he embarrassingly paid homage to Fidel Castro upon the death of the brutal communist who murdered thousands of his people.

That his father Pierre Elliot Trudeau was an avowed Marxist tells us who Justin follows when it comes to reshaping a society. PET filled his mind with the glory of authoritarianism and the kid has never questioned dear papa. So it is in Justin Trudeau’s unscripted moments he reveals his root ideological (or pathological) objectives.

As a full-fledged member of the global elite Trudeau, like many leaders of Western democracies leans hard toward authoritarian regimes. The Prime Minister is more interested in communism, Marxism, and globalism.

That an elected member of parliament can say, with no hint of irony, “If you kill your enemy’s they win” and from that moment forward be taken as a serious person is cause for concern. But these aren’t gaffs, these are his held beliefs. In 2014 he suggested Canada should consider—having experience with cold weather—dropping winter jackets on refugees in the mountains of (?) Syria.

About of that China dictatorship utterance, when asked if he regretted the comment responded along the line of “Canada shouldn’t be so smug.” Such a loaded statement! His arrogance, ignorance, and loathing of his own country in full reveal. That was 2013 and still he wasn’t shunned by his party or (drum roll please) the media-party.

To be continued

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