A Globalist is a Globalist is a Globalist: Canada’s Trudeau


A nation is a nation only to the degree with which it maintains geographic independence, official language(s) and the values of its historical culture as tap roots to keep the country firmly anchored to bedrock, able to withstand attacks (foreign and domestic).

“We are a country where everyone is equal, regardless of our sexual orientation or our sexual identity,” Trudeau, July 1, 2017.

The Trudeau Regime has other ideas. Once elected PM, Trudeau wasted no time. His first declaration, “There is no core identity, no mainstream in Canada” surely reassured his globalist patrons their efforts were not wasted: Trudeau is out to remake Canada as, in his words, “the first post-national state.” Even the New York Times thought that statement to be seriously radical.

Not in the above Canada Day quote, Trudeau like a good neo-Marxist believes biological gender is in no way connected to “identity” which is an outward publicly visibly signal. Thanks to the illogical totalitarian efforts of the Ontario Human Rights Commission the federal government was able to enact Bill C-16 to effectively make it a hate-crime if you fail to use certain words to acknowledge gender expression. (Dr. Jordan Peterson is a famous opponent of the idea and his remarks here are important.)

At any rate, Justin couldn’t wait to get started changing Canada. His heroes are blood soaked totalitarians and now he has an entire populous on which to inflict State control. Only, he would do a slightly less messy job than say, a Mao or a Fidel. Less blood in the streets because of course the newest monster sees the few errors of the earlier monster.

Can our Dominion withstand another 18 months of this Prime Minister? Sure Justin was spared the weight of his Pierre’s intellect but remains his papa’s sociopolitical doppelganger.

“A Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian” Justin Trudeau

Trudeau is siding with convicted terrorists, over patriotic Canadians. In June on the last of parliament, Trudeau pushed Bill C-6 through the House of Commons. The bill removes provisions (of Bill C-24) that allowed government to cancel Canadian citizenship of any foreign-born citizen convicted of terrorism.

Inside Bill C-6 are provisions to make it easier to become a citizen, down to three years from five, with only need of part-time residency. So Trudeau is giving back to the immigration vote that got him elected.

The Prime Minister has no respect for Canadian citizenship. He is changing the rules to suit his globalist vision where borders (hence sovereign citizens) are erased. National security implications alone would suggest this is a perilous malicious political move.

Of course any forward thinking totalitarian would want a state sanctioned method to thin the herd. The sick and elderly are such a drag on the State treasury, might as well ditch them, right. No problem, just pass a bill to legalize doctor-assisted suicide. Trudeau’s Bill C-14 did just that.

Trudeau called C-14 “a big first step that is going to be followed by a lot of discussions and evolution over the coming decade as we begin to develop practices and case law.” Notice how he slipped that metaphorical smoking gun inside his jacket? Discussions and evolution to State sanctioned euthanasia are in Canada’s future. Call me a cynic but “practices and case law” are code for more frequent, less publicly noticeable government approved killing.

But don’t get upset Canadians, get stoned instead. A year from now the government will happily slip you a baggy of the good stuff—provided you’re at least 18 (despite stacks of research regarding dangers to young brain development).

A doped up citizenry (government is certain a portion will be) is easier to control. Zombies won’t sweat stuff like politics; elections; government; voting. Those niggly social responsibility stuffs Trudeau would prefer you let his team handle.

Take a look around. Everywhere there is discord. Government has never been bigger or more pervasive. Trudeau is fast at work to replace your liberty with a European social agenda. And we see how well that’s working out in Germany and Sweden.

Trudeau is shifting Canadian society: the denationalization of Canada is globalism. Mass-immigration is the fuel of change. We are told to accommodate and tolerate. Migrants are not told to integrate. The evidence that multiculturalism has always been a lie is inescapable. In Canada multiculturalism is just one more ever-expanding government industry.

The 2019 Federal election will soon be upon us. Unless Canadian taxpaying-voters get their act together our much lauded but rarely articulated Canadian-values won’t matter. Government-minders will regularly issue new ones to fit the reshaped non-nation-state blob of earth formerly known as Canada.

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